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 6 Cool Android Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know (But Totally Should)


Are you using your Android phone optimally?


Simply setting up the “cache” mode to download media when you get access to free Wi-Fi is not doing the best you can.


Android devices are extremely flexible. And there are labyrinths of tips, tricks and functionalities available that you’re not just fully aware of. There is so much you can accomplish right from your phone and without busting your data budget that you are bound to feel like a kid in a candy store.


From extending battery life to using only voice to navigate your day to matching your music to your mood, Android may not create hype around its features but it has enough to give the iPhone a run for its money!


Here are 6 cool Android tips and tricks that you probably don’t know, but should totally use!


1.     Make Your Battery Last Longer. Nope, you do not need to download or install a separate app to do this. Android devices come packed with the ability to monitor the battery life and then selectively enable or disable certain functionalities in order to make your “charge” last longer. Simply go to “Settings”, choose the option “Battery” (or in some cases this might be “Power Management”) and then use the slider to activate the Low Battery mode. Some devices may even allow you to set the limit beyond which power saving is turned on.



2.     Get Siri. Well, not exactly. But through your Android device, you do have the freedom to operate hands free. You can set up Google with the permission to accept and then act on voice commands that are prefaced with “Okay Google”. And this has been around for a very long time. So how do you go about enjoying this feature?

Simply visit the default Google app that your device comes pre-installed with. This is not Gmail or Google Maps. The application icon is given below.



Tap the hamburger menu to the top left, choose Settings > Voice > tick ‘Okay Google‘ detection. You can now ask Google to find you restaurants near your location or guide you to a gas station when petrol is running low.



3.     Rock Out with a Personal DJ. This one requires using an application. But it is the Google Play app and since Android is developed by the company, it is not a third party extension.

When you choose genres that you like from within the application, you can actually associate types of music with your “moods”. Anytime you feel that particular emotion (as in “Angry” or “Calm”) and you signal this to Google Play, it scours your playlist or the radio stations in your area and streams the beats you want, automatically, without your intervention. Awesome, right?




4.     Manage Notifications Comprehensively. Granted notifications are supposed to be useful. But they can get irritating if you can’t relate the messages that are flashing on your screen to the apps that are generating them. There are a couple of things that you need to do.


  • First, you must long press a particular notification to find out the application that is responsible for it. Just click on “App Info”.


  • Uncheck the option “Display Notifications”. This will, in effect, mute the application without hampering its ability to perform. Goodbye annoyances.




5.     Manage Mobile Data Spending. Browsing the Internet and various social media apps from your smart device can be addicting. But they do drain carrier data, pushing you to recharge again and again. This is a wallet buster and a deal breaker. Savvy Android users stay one step ahead of their compulsions by actually setting their data usage limit.


Travel the familiar route from “Settings” to “Data Usage” and select your usage cycle. Then you can drag the orange limit bar to the level you are comfortable with. The default for a month is about 2 GB. There’s an alarm system that goes off when you are close to violating this self-imposed restriction.



6.     Locate & Wipe Your Phone Remotely. Go ahead and register your phone with the Android Device Manager (ADM) app that can be downloaded and installed for free from the Play Store. Once you have entered your device information in the appropriate fields, you should be able to effortlessly:

  • Locate your device when you have misplaced it
  • Wipe your data in case of theft
  • Lock your phone
  • Use the “Okay Google” command to task the app with finding your phone


This is obviously not a definitive compilation of Android tips and tricks. There is still a lot more up Google’s virtual sleeves. But the hacks listed here can be used by anyone irrespective of tech knowledge and skills. Do give them a try!


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