How to Manage Your Android SMS on Computer

Let’s say you are engrossed in drafting an email. It is complicated. You don’t really want to be distracted. But suddenly your phone vibrates signaling a received SMS.

And now you just have to check it.

With the rise of over the top Internet messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, traditional Short Message Service (SMS) is the medium that accords maximum visibility. In short, people avail of SMS when they have something important to convey.

You can’t ignore that.


Why are SMS so Distracting?

SMS are no longer “common”. If your friends and family members want to drop by and say “Hello”, it is likely that they will use the convenient chat rooms of messaging applications. This renders SMS somewhat ominous and insistent. What may have happened to warrant the receipt of an SMS? Most importantly, services like banks also rely on the Short Message Service to communicate updates.

Because SMS are not available on your PC or laptop, if you are focusing on something important, checking one means shifting your mode of work from the large and comfortable keyboard of the computer to the tiny and often frustrating touch pad of the smart phone. This results in more loss of productivity than most people realize.


What is the Solution?

In the world of Omnichannel experiences, it is essential to have at least one central hub through which people can access the communication scattered across media. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp allows users to check up their chats, messages and attachments through its web-based site.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to manage your Android SMS on computer?

It is not only possible but in many cases, the solutions that bridge the gap between smart devices and conventional PCs come free of cost.

What you need to keep tabs on your Short Message Service inbox is an SMS Manager.

Different Types of SMS Managers Available in the Market

Not all SMS Managers are made alike. Some allow users to only check the received messages while others are more advanced including functionalities like the ability to answer texts from the computer, delete and organize them, and even back them up to avert accidental deletion crisis.

1. Managers That Allow Quick Views

Some SMS management applications are streamlined and easy to set up. They require you to install the app on the mobile device that you want to “mirror” notifications from and then add the corresponding extension or plug-in to your browser of choice. You can link only your SMS inbox or you can link a number of third-party platforms like WhatsApp and even your emails. Every time your phone receives a message, it pops up on your browser, giving you the freedom to quickly check the communication, get it off your mind or even send notes and details to your phone to help you compose a reply later down the line.


2. Managers That Turn SMS into Emails or Browser Pings

These are baked with more fire power than the previous category. These SMS Managers are configured similarly but they give you the added flexibility to receive the short messages as emails delivered directly to your inbox of choice. You can not only check your texts, you can in fact answer them directly from your email inbox and also append files, images and videos to turn them into MMS. This type of managers are ideal for quick exchanges when you do need to tend to your SMS but don’t want to leave the convenience of your PC or laptop to hunch over your phone.


3. Managers That Support all SMS Inbox Activities

This third and final option is for those who receive bulk SMS and are plagued by overflowing inboxes. If a large number of the people who correspond with you choose to do so through text messages, then either they are unable to transition to Internet driven alternatives (elderly individuals) or are required to stick to text messages because of better safety offered by carriers (sensitive business information). In the latter case, you need to process the data in the messages, organize them, send the same content to multiple individuals and even selectively delete or back up SMS for optimal productivity. There are various SMS Managers that give users the wherewithal to interact with their SMS inboxes in an expanded capacity.

The options are endless and there is something to cater to everyone. You can experiment with the free alternatives, go in for free trials to gauge the performance of paid apps or even upgrade to premium services. It all depends on your needs and how frequently you are called to check your SMS inbox.

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