Recover Contacts From Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3

How to Recover Contacts From Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3 Smartphone


Contacts get accidentally removed or lost on phones from time to time and this can be frustrating! Before you start hunting down the information to re-enter it into your phone, it is worthwhile to consider another option. A recovery tool designed to regain data from a smartphone is exactly what you need to get the job done quickly. Dr.Fone for Android is a utility that can be used to recover data such as contact information from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3 smartphones.

The utility performs a scan to locate lost or deleted information for recovery on the phone. How is this possible? When something is deleted or lost due to a problem, the location is removed from the address table used by the operating system. The information remains on the phone until new data is saved over it at the designated location. With a recovery tool like Dr.Fone, it is easy to salvage the data as long as the process is performed quickly.


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If you are in need of a solution on how to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3, Dr.Fone for Android can be used to do just that!

Once scanning has finished, you will be able to preview the information, make custom selections, and recover them to a location of choice. To begin, first do the following:

  •          Download the install (Mac or Windows).
  •          Install it to your computer.
  •          Open the application.

The utility will appear as shown below once installed and running on your computer:


A few preliminary steps must be performed before Dr.Fone can begin the recovery. First, connect the phone to the computer where the application resides. Then follow the steps provided on the screen for enabling USB Debugging based on your operating system version.


Note: If the operating system version for your phone is 4.2.2 or higher, you will also need to authorize the computer on the device.

Then, wait patiently while Dr.Fone for Android connects and identifies the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or 3:


To recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3, you will need to perform the steps discussed in the following tutorial. This tutorial shows how to perform the recovery on the Mac OS X operating system. However, you can follow the same steps to regain contacts on a Windows computer.

Regain Contacts in 4 Steps!

If you have not already done so, install Dr.Fone, open the application, connect your smartphone to the computer, and enable USB Debugging on the device. The next steps will not be possible until these initial tasks have been completed.


Step 1: Select Contacts.  First, uncheck all file types except Contacts to recover this information from your phone. Click on each checkbox to do so and then click on Next.


Step 2: Begin Device Scanning. You will need to click on Start to allow Dr.Fone to verify the phone model and perform a few other necessary tasks.


This will take a few minutes to complete, as Dr.Fone must also apply one-click root prior to scanning. An indicator is provided to show the progress this task.


The scan will begin immediately after the analysis tasks have completed and you can view the progress of the scan in the bar at the top of the screen.

As contacts are found for recovery, you will see the number next to Contacts begin to increase. Click on Contacts in the panel on the left side of the screen to begin reviewing the scan information.


Step 3: Preview Results and Make Selections. The recovery does not occur automatically and you can make individual selections prior to completing the process. When the scan has finished, click on Contacts in the left panel to view the scan results.

A checkbox resides to the left of each contact in the list and you can click on it to select a person or remove them for recovery. To salvage them all, simply leave every item checked and click on Recover.

Sometimes it is easier to uncheck Contacts in the left panel and then check only the items you want to recover. This is the case when several contacts have been found by the scan. If Contacts has a checkmark, then all items will be recovered. A blue box indicates that custom selections have been made.


Since this tutorial focuses on recovering removed contacts from a Galaxy Note 2 or 3, we will be enabling the Only Display Deleted Items setting. By doing so, only contacts that have been deleted from the phone will appear in the list.



The list will be changed to show deleted contacts rather than every person stored on the phone. Check each checkbox to the left of the name column for each contact you want to recover.


Use the search feature to enter contact information (name, number, etc.) and quickly find them in the list. Click on the X to clear out the current search. The entire list will appear on the screen again.


Step 4: Finish Recovering Your Contacts. Next, to complete the contact retrieval, you will need to click on Recover. A prompt window will appear for choosing a save location before Dr.Fone finishes the recovery. All selected contacts will be saved to the configured location.


Dr.Fone for Android offers a user-friendly and fast way to regain contacts in just a few minutes. It may be used to retrieve data from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or 3 as well as other compatible devices. With Dr.Fone, you receive a dependable utility capable of salvaging deleted contacts or other information from your smartphone. To quickly recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3, follow the steps below:

    1.     Select Contacts.
    2.     Begin Device Scanning.
    3.     Preview Results and Make Selections.
    4.     Finish Recovering Your Contacts.


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