How To Recover Deleted Files on a Galaxy S6

Have you recently deleted files from a Samsung Galaxy S6 and need to recover them? How to recover deleted files on a Galaxy S6? Files, on occasion, do get deleted by accident or due to corruption. If you need to know how to recover deleted files on a Galaxy S6, then Dr.Fone for Android provides a simple-to-use and quick option.

Dr.Fone for Android is a utility designed to help you quickly recover any data, which has been removed either accidentally or due to other unexpected issues. It is a recovery utility capable of locating recoverable items on any connected Android device including the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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To get started, first install the utility on a Mac or Windows computer and then connect the phone to the computer (either before or after opening Dr.Fone for Android). The utility is able to scan your Galaxy S6 for:

  • Videos
  • Gallery Images
  • Text Messages
  • Contact Information
  • Call Histories
  • Audio Files
  • And more…

A scan will detect any deleted information on the phone that has not yet been overwritten with new data. It may also search for all data depending on the type of recovery mode you have chosen. After connecting your phone to the computer used for installation, Dr.Fone will take steps to identify the device and appear as such:


Please note that the screenshots shown in this tutorial are for a Mac computer, but you may also download a version for Windows computers as well.

In order for the scan to be performed, USB Debugging must be enabled. If your Android device uses an OS version of 4.1 or later, this can be enabled by tapping on Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

Upon successful device identification, you will be able to choose the file types to scan for on the connected Galaxy S6. The utility will then be able to start the scan for deleted items.

5 Steps for Easy Data Retrieval

To locate and recover deleted files on your Galaxy S6, be certain that the device is connected to the computer where Dr.Fone for Android resides. Open the application and follow the steps below to begin the recovery process:

Step 1: After Dr.Fone has identified the device, you will need to select what types of files will be located during the scan. Every file type is ticked by default by the software for scanning.


If one of the file types is not needed, click on the checkbox next to its name to remove the selection. This means that those with no checkmark/s next to their name are not selected for scanning and recovery. More than one type may be configured for the recovery process by placing a checkmark next to each desired option.

If you want to locate all recoverable deleted data, then leave the default selections made by Dr.Fone for Android and then click Next to initiate the scan.

Step 2: The next step for recovering deleted information on your Samsung Galaxy S6 (or other Android device) is to select a Recovery Mode. These two options are provided within the utility:

Standard Mode – Recommended. It will perform a scan to find deleted items or all data on the phone.

Advanced Mode – A secondary option provided for instances where the recommended mode does not find the desired files. It is important to note that items located and restored in this mode do not have their original file name or structure.


Once a mode has been selected, click on Next to continue and the scan will start automatically. Please note that this process could take a few minutes depending on how much data has been stored on the connected Galaxy S6.

Step 3: Before scanning begins, Dr.Fone for Android requires that one-click root be applied to the device to ensure best recovery results. You will need to click on Next to complete this application and start the scan.


As part of this process, the utility will analyze the Galaxy S6 for scanning and this process could take a little time to complete.


Scanning will now start and you will have to patiently wait as it will take a few minutes to locate retrievable files. At the top of the screen, you will see a progress bar to show how much time is remaining to complete the scan.


While scanning is taking place, you will be able to click on items listed in the left panel to see what has been located by the scan. This information is broken down by file type such as Contacts, Audio, and Gallery photos.


Step 4: After scanning is complete, you will need to choose what files or groups of files will be restored. A panel resides on the left and may be used to choose entire categories of files such as Videos or Gallery Images. Beside each category, a count is provided to show exactly how many files were located by the scan.

If all located files need to be recovered, no selections are necessary. Dr.Fone selects every available file by default to be restored from your Galaxy S6. To remove a category from the current selections, uncheck it within the panel.


If you want to make individual selections, click on the category name in the left panel and you will be able to view the files for the chosen category on the right side of the utility. Then click on a checkbox next to each individual file to remove a selection.

You may also uncheck the category to remove current selections and then click on the checkbox next to each file you want to recover.


Options for viewing files will vary based on the category selection. As an example, when viewing contacts, you are provided with the choice to see only deleted contacts rather than all contacts located by the scan.


When viewing images, the view may show a thumbnail image or can be changed to show all found images in a list format. Click on each separate category within the left panel to see located files and choose items for recovery.


Step 5:
Once you have selected the deleted files you want to recover to the Galaxy S6, click on Recover. Dr.Fone will automatically restore selected files to your device.


If a recent deletion or loss due to issues on your phone has you scrambling for ways how to recover deleted files on a Galaxy S6, then Dr.Fone for Android is the perfect choice. The utility provides a straightforward, easy to use option for regaining precious images, audio files, contacts, and more. Just connect your Galaxy S6 and complete these steps to quickly salvage files:

  1. Choose file types for scanning.
  2. Select the Recovery Mode.
  3. Complete a device scan.
  4. Make category and/or file selections.
  5. Finish by clicking on Recover.

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