LG G3 Data Recovery

The recycle bin. That fabulous little thing on the Windows desktop that makes sure every time a file is deleted, we can choose whether or not we actually, really, truly want it deleted. I mean, how often do people even empty their recycle bins? I know that, whenever I do, I always make double sure there’s nothing in there that I wanted to keep.

Unfortunately for us, the LG G3 doesn’t come with that little recycle bin sitting on the interface. If something is deleted, then it’s like putting it in the recycle bin and emptying it all in one go. Since when are we not able to undo the mistakes we’ve made? Come on people! Phone companies, if you’re reading this – a recycle bin or a huge undo button would come in very handy.

Anyway, the files are already gone on the phone if that delete button has been pressed. Yep, there’s no way to undo that. Or is there?

Well, there isn’t an onboard feature on the phone that can retrieve the deleted data, but there is a solution that can help.

Dr. Fone for Android is a software program that isn’t downloaded to the LG G3 in the form of an app, but rather to your PC or Mac computer as an application. Using your phone in conjunction with your data cable and computer or laptop, the software works by scanning the memory of your phone to see all the deleted data.

‘But the data’s not on the phone, it’s deleted!”, I hear you cry. Fear not, your phone memory is more clever than you think. Computer (or phone) memory is divided up into little chunks of data, each with an address. Sort of similar to houses that are jammed up together on a street, without any gaps between them. Now imagine each house being occupied by a family. The family is like the file (or part of a file) on your phone. When you delete a file, it’s like ending the lease and the family no longer lives there. However! These families are very sneaky, and won’t vacate the premises until another family comes along to take over their house (another file overwrites the address). It’s like nobody knows that the family whose lease is up are still living there, but if you stop by to visit the house, you will see them. And so it is with deleted data. It’s still there, until it is overwritten by something else, but you have to search through all the addresses to find it.

When you download and run Dr. Fone for Android, it does all the work for you. It searches through each place in the phone’s memory and discovers all the current data in memory and all the deleted old data which has yet to be overwritten.


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You can recover text messages, contacts, documents, photos, video, audio and WhatsApp history with Dr. Fone for Android. Below is how to use the program to effectively perform LG G3 data recovery.

Open up the program and plug in your LG G3 to your computer or laptop with the data cable cord.



Unless you’ve already got USB Debugging switched on, you’ll need to go through your phone to turn it on. Choose Settings -> About Phone -> Build number (Tap this 7 times) -> Back to Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging (enabled). After all that’s done, click on the button that says “Opened? Next…” on your phone.



You’re now ready to start scanning your phone memory! There’s an option at the bottom left to enable Deep Scan if you want the most comprehensive scan. Otherwise, make sure your phone is charged at least 20% so it doesn’t cut out midway, then press the “Start” button to get started.


If your LG G3 has been rooted, you’ll need to allow SuperUser access – it will show a popup on your phone if you need to do this. Check the Grant/Allow and Remember options to continue on and press the “Retry” button on the Dr. Fone screen.


Dr. Fone will begin to scan your phone’s memory. You’ll have items appearing on the page at a fast rate. Wait until the scan has finished (check on the progress bar on top) before going through your data for the best results.

Next to each photo, message, contact, etc., there is a checkbox. You can start ticking the categories you want to keep on the left or you may select individual files shown on the right. After you have decided which lost files to recover from your LG G3, press Recover. This will start saving the files to your computer.

As you can see, LG G3 data recovery can be done in just a few clicks. Do give it a try today!

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