MobileGo is an all-in-one solution to the common data dilemmas experienced between devices and computers. It can be downloaded on your Android device as well as for the Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. With this handy utility, it takes only a few minutes to export or import information, add new items, backup your phone, or even to complete a recovery. MobileGo is compatible with these among other devices:

• iPhone
• iPad
• Android
• Samsung
• Google
• LG
• Sony

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Do you use an Android phone or tablet and struggle to get the information to other devices or a computer? How do you currently backup data stored on a device? For many mobile users the biggest struggle is determining an easy way to move data between devices or back it up. MobileGo by Wondershare is a powerful utility that may be installed on one or more devices and a Mac or Windows computer to manage data. It provides options for performing the following tasks:

• Transfer Data between Devices.
• Transfer Data to a Computer.
• Perform Data Syncs.
• Recover Data on a Phone.
• Erase Data from a Phone.
• Manage Contacts, SMS, Music, Photos, & More.

It may also be used on devices for different carriers such as Verizon or Sprint. First, the application must be successfully installed on the phone and a computer. You will then be able to connect the Android device to the computer and view the information in MobileGo on the installation computer. The utility will appear as shown below after a proper connection has been established:


The computer installation cannot occur until MobileGo has been installed and opened on the device or phone. First, complete the device install. Then follow the steps below to add MobileGo to your computer.

Getting Set Up for a Computer Install

Before MobileGo can be used on your Mac or Windows computer, a couple of tasks must be performed. First, install MobileGo on the device and then open the utility. Enter your email address to receive a free trial download for MobileGo that can be installed on the computer.

To do so, tap on Transfer and then Backup to PC within MobileGo on the phone or device:


Enter your email address to receive an email containing the download links for both Mac and PC. Click on the appropriate link in the provided email to download the install. Then follow the provided steps to finish.


Note: The free trial for MobileGo on Mac or Windows will expire after a specified number of days.

After a successful install on both the phone and computer, open the utility on your computer and connect the phone or device. MobileGo will appear as shown below when installed on Mac OS X.



MobileGo provides several features to make managing mobile data via the computer easy and stress-free. With it you are able to view the information, transfer data, backup the device, and even perform a recovery. The utility provides useful information about the phone including:

• Current Charge
• Last Backup
• Model Number
• Phone & SD Card Usage

With MobileGo, you have several options to choose from when it comes to managing the device’s data. For example, the utility can be used to transfer files to another device or to backup information to a Mac or Windows computer. Here are a few of the features offered by MobileGo:

• Content Transfer Between Devices – Contacts, videos, images, and more can easily be transferred to another device or straight to the computer.

• Erase Private Data – A deleted piece of data remains on the phone or device until it is overwritten. MobileGo can be used to permanently remove this information to ensure it is not recoverable at a later time.

• Device Cleanup – MobileGo may also be used to clean the device and remove any junk files (cache, etc.) that are taking up needed space.

• One-Click Root – Apply one-click root to bypass the user permissions of Android devices and gain more freedom for application installs or other tasks.

• Manage Data from Your Computer – Install MobileGo on both the device and a Mac or Windows computer to remove or add files. Files may be exported to another device or the computer. An option is also provided for importing contact information.

• Data Recovery – MobileGo is able to recover any lost data on an Android or iOS mobile device (a small fee does apply).

As you can see, MobileGo offers an extensive set of features focused on meeting data management needs for more than 3,000 types of phones and devices. It can also perform these actions between different carriers. Whether you need to transfer data, backup the device, or simply manage everything from one spot on your computer, MobileGo offers a sensible, easy-to-use solution.

How To Backup Files

If MobileGo has been installed on a Mac computer, the following steps can be used to create a backup file for the connected device.

On the main screen you will see an option titled Backup along with the last backup date. In this example, a backup has never been performed. To backup your phone or device, first click on Backup.


MobileGo will select every available data type for backup, as displayed below. To change this, click on the checkbox next to each unwanted item to remove it as a selection. The Quantity of items to be backed up is shown to the right of each content type.

A designated save location is also used to ensure the backup process is a success. The location for saving the backup can be changed by clicking on Browse. After completing the backup configuration, click on Backup in the bottom right corner.


The backup will begin automatically and be saved to the designated location. For MobileGo, this is Documents > MobileGo > Backup.

How to Restore Files

If MobileGo has been installed on a Mac computer, the following steps can be used to restore a backup file to the connected device from the computer. On the main screen you will see an option titled Restore. To restore a backup file, first click on Restore.


Select a backup file stored on the computer by clicking on the appropriate radial. Then click on Restore and MobileGo will restore the chosen backup straight to the connected device. In the example shown below, Contacts will be restored to an Android smartphone.


Note: Backups can be organized in another folder by clicking on the Add Folder option in the bottom left of the screen.

Managing Data with MobileGo on Your Computer

Besides being able to backup and restore data with MobileGo, you can also manage several types of data stored on the connected device from the computer. This can be done by clicking on an item in the tree view located in the left panel or by clicking on a displayed item below the Restore option.


For example, if you click on Music, then a list of music files stored on the device will appear. Here you are able to view each item and perform the following actions:

• Add New Items
• Delete Items
• Export to the Computer (or a device).

These actions are available for several file types including music, photos, videos, and applications.


To be able to see the Delete and Export options, at least one item has to be selected in MobileGo.

The SMS selection in the tree view offers additional options for managing messages on the device or phone. After a message has been selected, you will be able to save it as a file or mark unread messages as “read”.


Use the Refresh option to see any new items that may have been added to the device or phone.

Importing and Exporting Files

To export files to your computer, you will need to select the desired files and then click on the Export option. In this example, five contacts will be exported to the computer.


After clicking on Export, you may enter a Name for the file and configure a save location. Click on Save to finish.


The selected files will be saved to the location you have chosen and can then be viewed from the export destination.

An additional option is provided in MobileGo when viewing contacts stored on the connected device. The Import option may be used to import contacts to another phone or device by choosing an available export file.

To do so, click on Contacts in the tree view. Then select every contact or only certain ones by using the checkbox next to each one. Click on Import at the top of the utility when finished:


Browse to and select the contact export file. Then click on Open to finish the import.


As you can see, MobileGo provides several options for managing data between your device and the computer or other devices. It can be used to perform routine backups or for achieving a quick restore on a number of supported platforms, devices, and carriers. By following the basic steps discussed above, it will be easy to manage data on your phone or tablet including these tasks:

• Transferring Data
• Generating Backups
• Restoring Backups
• Managing Contacts
• Exporting Files
• Device Cleanup

Download the free trial today on your device and follow the tutorial to set up MobileGo on your Mac or Windows computer!