Recover Contacts From Samsung Galaxy S5

Contacts are an essential piece of information stored on phones and without them, you might be in the dark! Many users rely on their phone’s contact list to manage business and personal calls. If they suddenly disappear or are deleted, it could really put a damper on your day. Fortunately, with the outburst of smartphone and tablet use, recovery tools are available to quickly recoup this information regardless of what caused it to disappear.

One of the most notable utilities available today is Dr.Fone for Android. This specific application lets you connect a Samsung Galaxy S5 or another compatible device straight to a computer for locating contacts and quick recovery. Dr.Fone for Android is simple to use, as it only takes four steps to complete the recovery process. With Dr.Fone for Android, you will be able to:

  • Scan all contacts
  • View deleted contacts
  • View the details of each result
  • Search by name, phone number, etc.
  • Restore specific contacts
  • Recover deleted information only

Dr.Fone is a compatible option for Android smartphones as well as tablets. To get started, all you have to do is complete a download of the utility and then install it on a computer. A version is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.


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Once installed, you will need to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the computer via a cable. Dr.Fone for Android will then instantly analyze the device to prepare for the recovery process, as displayed in the following image.


Verify that USB Debugging has been disabled, as it must be, to successfully scan any device. For a Galaxy S5, access the device Settings and then open the Developer Options. You will see an option titled “USB Debugging” after making this selection. Simply tap on the checkbox to remove the checkmark and disable the option.

The next step is to scan for contacts and complete the recovery. Below, we have provided a quick tutorial to show how to succesfully recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to Quickly Restore Contacts with Dr.Fone

Before this tutorial may be completed, you must connect the device and open Dr.Fone for Android on the computer where the program is installed.

Step 1: Select a File Type for Recovery.  Upon successful device identification, you are given the option to choose what types of files will be recovered. For this type of recovery, it is as simple as unchecking every option except Contacts. As a default setting, every file type is instantly selected for the scan.


To remove any unwanted file types, click on the checkbox for each type and the checkmark will be removed. You will need to click on Next to continue.



Step 2: Complete Device Analysis and Scanning. Prior to scanning, Dr.Fone will need to apply one-click root and then analyze the connected Samsung Galaxy S5.

To initiate this process, click on Start in the bottom right of the screen. The analysis will take a few minutes and scanning starts automatically after it is finished.


Please note that these processes might take some time to complete depending on how much data resides on the connected device.


During the scan, you are able to view current progress at the top of the utility window and may also click on Contacts in the left panel to begin seeing scan results. The provided progress bar shows how much time is left for scanning and the completion percentage.



Step 3: Select Desired Contacts. After scanning, you are given the option to instantly recover all items or you may browse through the results to make more tailored selections.

The default selection shows every item located by the scan of the Galaxy S5. If you want to restore all contacts, simply click on Recover at the bottom of the screen.

Otherwise, you may click on Contacts in the left panel and the individual scan results will appear on the right of the utility window. Within this view, you can see individual details and make one or multiple contact selections.


An option is provided to view only the contacts you deleted from the Galaxy S5. If not enabled, you will see every contact stored on the device. Click on the Only Display Deleted Items option to enable it and view only items that were actually removed.


As an example, let’s say you accidentally removed an important contact on your Galaxy S5. You may view the deleted contacts to make this individual selection for recovery. To do so, make certain a checkmark resides in the checkbox next to the desired contact. Click on any checkbox to select it for recovery or to remove it as a selection.


If a large list of contacts is stored on your Galaxy S5, then the Search Feature is a beneficial tool when you need to only locate specific items for recovery. It resides in the upper right corner of the screen.

This feature may be used to type in specific information such as the person’s first or last name, phone number, etc. Only contacts with matching information will be displayed and you may check or uncheck them accordingly.


Step 4: Recover Chosen Contacts. After you have finished making contact selections from the scan results, click on Recover. This informs Dr.Fone to restore the selected files from your Galaxy S5 and the recovery process will complete automatically.


Dr.Fone for Android offers a simple, straightforward recovery solution when you badly need to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5. The recovery process only takes a couple of minutes and may be used to restore individual or all contacts from your phone. To complete the recovery, just perform these 4 steps:

  1. Select a file type for recovery.
  2. Complete device analysis & scanning.
  3. Select desired contact details.
  4. Recover chosen contacts.

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