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Recently lost or unintentionally removed a file on your Galaxy S5 or from another Android device? Moving on from this type of unexpected loss is often difficult unless a helpful app is available to do the hard work. Whether you accidentally deleted a photo, lost an important text message, or suffered from more traumatic device issues, there is now an easy solution. Dr.Fone for Android is able to locate and recover these information with minimal work.

Losing or deleting important information from your phone (or tablet) is not as detrimental as one might think. With Dr.Fone, it is a simple task to scan the device and restore your deleted files. As a top rated recovery program for Android phones, Dr.Fone delivers the ability to recover these among other items:

  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Music


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There is no need to attempt to find the information on paper or via email as Dr.Fone will quickly locate what you need and recover it in minutes. A version of the utility may be downloaded and can used on a Windows or Mac computer. Once downloaded, just complete the installation process and simply connect the Galaxy S5. After opening the utility, wait patiently for Dr.Fone to properly identify the connected device.


Once the device has been connected and successfully identified, you may then choose what file types are to be located during the scan. The images in this tutorial will show the recovery process using a Mac computer. Please remember that the utility may be downloaded for Windows computers as well.

Effortlessly Recover Your Data

After following the preliminary steps above, the next step is to perform the actual recovery. With Dr.Fone, you will be able to retrieve everything from your Galaxy S5 or only specific data. If you have not yet opened the application, please do so now. This tutorial will show you how to locate the information and recover deleted files Galaxy S5.

Step 1: Search for Every File Type. The first step involves choosing what types of files you want Dr.Fone to find on the connected phone. If all deleted data should be recovered, click on Next.


Another option is to uncheck any file types you do not want to recover prior to continuing. This can be accomplished by ticking on the checkbox to the left of the file type. The checkmark will be removed and the item will no longer be a selection for scanning.



Step 2: Select a Type of Recovery. To recover deleted files Galaxy S5, the next step involves choosing a mode of recovery. The Standard Recovery Mode will be able to locate what you need in most instances and is the recommended choice. You will have two additional options to choose from for this mode:

  • Scan for Deleted Files – Dr.Fone will only locate items that has been deleted from the phone.
  • Scan for All Files – Dr.Fone will locate all data for the selected file types on the Galaxy S5, whether deleted or not.

To make a selection, click on the radial to the left of the desired option. Since we want to recover deleted information, the best choice is Scan for Deleted Files. Click Next to continue.



Step 3: Scan the Connected Device. Prior to scanning, a few minutes will be needed to complete the required steps shown below.


Dr.Fone must apply a one-click root on the device and analyze it for scanning. Click Start at the bottom right of the utility to begin the said procedure.

No other steps are required to start the scan of your device. This process will immediately begin after the analysis. If you need to see the progress of the scan, a progress bar is provided at the top of the screen. It displays the current scan percentage in addition to the estimated time of completion.


Currently located files may be viewed by clicking on a displayed file type in the left panel. For example, if you want to see what contacts have been found by the utility, simply click on Contacts and this information will appear on the right while scanning takes place.


Please note that displayed file types in the left panel will depend on what selections were made in Step 1.


Step 4: Choose Files and Finish the Recovery. You are almost done! The final step involves choosing what you want to recover from your Galaxy S5. By default, every file type in the left panel will have a checkmark.

To restore all files from the phone, just click on Recover and Dr.Fone will take care of the rest. You may also remove a category by unchecking it in the left panel.


In order to choose specific files, it is recommended to uncheck the items first in the left panel. This will remove all selections to ensure that files you have not chosen will not be part of the recovery.

Once this is finished, all you need to do is tick a file type and check the box next to each desired item. If a file is not checked, it will not be recovered.


Depending on what file type you are viewing, an option is provided to change the view. The view may be of its thumbnails or a list and this is applicable for videos, audio, and images found during scanning. If the view needs to be changed, click on one of the selection icons found at the upper right corner.


Make all desired selections for one or more file types and then click on the Recover button at the bottom of the screen.



So whether you need to retrieve deleted messages, a contact, or everything on your phone, Dr.Fone for Android delivers an easy-to-use solution. It is a simple job to recover whatever information is needed with Dr.Fone. To salvage data on a Galaxy S5, just follow these steps:

  1. Search for every file type.
  2. Select a type of recovery.
  3. Scan the connected device.
  4. Choose files & finish the recovery.


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