Recover Deleted Text Messages LG G3

If you’ve just realized you deleted an important text message or two from your LG G3 and you’re starting to panic, then slow down. It’s okay – we’ve got the solution for you.

The software you need to pick up is Wondershare’s Dr. Fone for Android. It is a comprehensive data recovery tool for Android systems, including your LG G3.


How does it work?

The software works by scanning your LG G3’s memory for all data. It uncovers both data that is still current on your phone as well as deleted data that has not been overwritten yet. The best chance you have at recovering your deleted text messages is when they’re only recently been deleted. If you deleted them a long time ago, they may already have been overwritten by new data – but it’s still worth having a look to find out and see.


Is it an app?

This is not an app. Dr. Fone for Android is a full software application that is downloaded to your computer. It has versions for Windows and Mac. You connect your LG G3 to your computer with a data cable and the software scans all the data on your phone from there.


What else can it recover?

Along with the text messages (that’s SMS still on the phone plus deleted text messages), Dr. Fone can also uncover all of your contacts, photos, videos, audio files, documents, as well as your WhatsApp messages and history. Of course, the company is always looking to add more to that list, more likely in later software upgrades.


Can I use it with my other phone?

The short answer is yes! If you have another Android phone (or even tablet!) that you’d like to recover deleted files from, most makes and models are supported. The list of supported manufacturers include Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, ZET, HTC, Sony, Google, Lenovo and Oplus. But even if your other phone is not in the list of supported devices, if you root an Android device, this program will work for you.

Moreover, if you have an iPhone, Wondershare also has a version of Dr. Fone specifically for iOS devices. Check out the original version of Dr. Fone to recover data from your iPhone or iPad.


How much is it?

Dr. Fone comes free. You can try first before you buy. The free version allows you to check out the data that Dr. Fone for Android recovers. This free trial ensures you’re happy with the product before you go ahead and make your purchase. Licensing costs depend on whether you’d like a ‘Personal Use License’ or a ‘License for Business’. If you go ahead and make the purchase, the product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.


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Here’s the program in action when you recover deleted text messages LG G3

On start up, you’ll see a welcome page telling you it’s time to plug in your phone to your computer. Do what the little Android man tells you to. The data cable you need to use will end with a USB on the computer side.



Once connected, turn on your USB Debugging. Go to your phone and select Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (tap this quickly 7 times) -> Press Back -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging (make sure that checkbox is enabled). Go to your computer again and click Opened? Next…



You’re now ready to start the scan! Tick Enable Deep Scan if you deleted the text message/s a long while back. Deep scan will search your L3 G3 more thoroughly than a regular scan. When you’re ready, press Start.



If your Android phone has been rooted, you’ll probably get this pop up. Enable SuperUser access so that Dr. Fone can start scanning properly and successfully recover deleted text messages LG G3.



Scanning will now commence. A progress bar is found on top. You can also pause and stop the scan (to resume at a later time) if you wish.



Click onto the Messaging section in the left pane which will show all of your text messages. For easier viewing, there is a switch on top to “Only display deleted items” so slide it. Go through and find your deleted texts. You can also utilize the search bar on the upper right if you are looking for a particular message. Now select the ones you want to save onto your computer and then press Recover.



As you can see, with the software’s simple interface, you can easily recover deleted text messages LG G3 in just a few clicks. No need to worry for lost messages now. Dr. Fone for Android is your best bet in recovering deleted files from your Android phone.

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