Recover Deleted Text Messages LG Leon

Looking for ways to recover deleted text messages LG Leon? Are you sitting there a little bit confused and thinking to yourself, “How did data get deleted from my LG Leon?” or, “How did I delete text messages on my phone?” Well then, you’ve come to the right place to help you get back your deleted SMS.

Here are a few reasons that the text messages on your LG Leon could have been deleted:

  • You accidentally deleted them straight out of your messages folder
  • You accidentally fiddled around in the file manager and now they’re gone
  • You formatted your phone without saving your text messages first
  • You formatted your phone when you thought your text messages were stored in the cloud
  • Your Android operating system is malfunctioning
  • Your phone memory is corrupted


Whatever situation you’ve found yourself in, you’ll be happy to know that you have a second chance to get the deleted text messages back. If you’ve only just lost them, they will usually be recoverable. However, if it was a really long time ago, you might just need to cross your fingers and see.


So what will help you recover deleted text messages LG Leon? That’d be the best-selling software, Dr. Fone for Android, that makes resurrecting your text messages from the dead very simple. All you need is a computer, your (working) phone and your data cable to get started.



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We’ve written up a handy guide on how to use Dr. Fone for Android, so have a look below to see what it does.


1.       After the download and installation of the program into your preferred location on the computer, launch the application. Dr. Fone for Android will request that you connect your LG Leon to the computer if it isn’t connected yet.


2.      Connection will start. If any other LG Leon apps start running on your computer, just close them down as they can interfere with the process. You’ll see how long the connection time is going to take by that progress bar displayed.


3.       You might need to give Dr. Fone for Android access to the USB Debugging function on your phone. If you haven’t already turned it on, then pick up your phone and go into Settings -> About Phone -> Builder Number (tap on this 7 times to turn on Developer Settings) -> Go back to Settings -> Developer Settings -> USB Debugging (Enable). Once that’s done, give permission on your phone for the computer to use the feature (it should just have a pop up with an option for Enable or OK).


4.       Dr. Fone for Android will then request what sort of files you want to recover on your LG Leon. For just text messages, pick that checkbox and then click Next.


5.       Dr. Fone for Android might ask to turn on a thing called “one-click root”. This temporarily roots your phone but then unroots it when Dr. Fone for Android has stopped all its recovery. This is fine, click Start.


6.       Dr. Fone for Android will do some preliminary assessments of your LG Leon before it does its probe for data. This shouldn’t take a lot of time and it will go straight on to the scan when it is done.


7.       Here’s how it looks mid-way through the scan. Even though we’re 67% through the scan, there are no text messages found yet! Be patient though and wait around while it finishes running.



8.       Here’s how it looks now after the scan has finished. On the top left side, you can see it found 84 messages.


9.       Click on the Messaging icon to bring up all your text messages. They are organized by each text message conversation. The conversations that are red indicate a deleted text message somewhere in the conversation. Click on each to bring up the whole conversation on the right. The deleted texts within the conversation will also be in red.

10.      Select which conversations with the deleted SMS you want to keep by using the checkbox to the left of each of them.

11.      Click Recover to save the deleted text messages to the computer.


The application also recovers any missing or lost Contacts, Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio, Call History and Whats App history. The application comes in both a Mac version and a PC version so anyone can use it!

Download Dr. Fone for Android today to see how you can get back those precious text messages to your LG Leon.

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