Recover Deleted Text Messages Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3

How To Get Your Deleted Text Messages Back on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3


Technology is great until something you really need disappears or is accidentally removed. Touch innovation on smartphones provides a simple to use, elegant environment that most users have become accustomed to. Unfortunately, all it takes is a tap on the wrong option to delete an important message, contact, or other item. When an accident like this happens, it might be second nature to begin panicking!

However, there is an easy solution that only takes a few minutes to use and is capable of regaining every deleted text message on your Android phone. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or 3 and a message has bit the dust, then Dr.Fone for Android offers a sensible, easy-to-use option. Since not data is actually gone until it is overwritten, you have time to get the text message back as long as quick action is taken now!

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With Dr.Fone, you are able to scan for any deleted text messages still residing on the phone. Once these items have been found, recovering them is as easy as checking a box and completing the recovery. Before you can get started on how to recover deleted text messages Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3, you will need to install the utility, open it, and connect the phone to the computer. If the phone is not connected, the utility will appear as shown below:


Before Starting the Recovery

Dr.Fone allows you to easily regain messages, contacts, documents, and many other types of data regularly stored on your Android. A couple of setup tasks must be performed after the device has been connected to your computer.

First, USB Debugging must be enabled on the phone by following the instructions on the screen. You will need to click on the appropriate option for your phones current operating system.


The computer will also need to be authorized on the device for phones running 4.2.2 or higher.


Once these steps have been completed, you will need to wait for Dr.Fone to identify the device.



Now you are ready to begin! The provided tutorial shows how to run the utility and recover data on a Mac computer. Dr.Fone may also be installed and ran on the Windows operating system.

Retrieve Your Texts in 5 Steps

This tutorial shows how to recover deleted text messages Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3 smartphone with Dr.Fone for Android.

Step 1: Remove Unnecessary File Types. The first step is to uncheck all options except Messages. Dr.Fone will select every file type for scanning and recovery automatically. For this tutorial, we are only locating deleted text messages. When finished, click on Next to continue to the next step.


Step 2: Complete Device Verification. The utility must perform a couple of verification tasks after you have chosen the type of files for Dr.Fone to locate on the connected smartphone. Click Next to begin.


Step 3: Scan for Messages. Scanning begins after the device has been verified and Dr.Fone has applied one-click root. On the left side of the utility you will see a panel showing “Messages” with a number in parenthesis. This number will increase as Dr.Fone finds items for recovery.

At the top, a progress bar is provided to show the scan duration. Device information can be found on the right of the application.


When scanning for messages, you will see the following pop-up message. If this is the only item you are scanning for, click on ‘Pause’ to finish and begin selecting items for recovery.


Note: You may also click on Messages while the scan is running to begin previewing found items.

Step 4: Make Recovery Selections. Dr.Fone automatically selects every found item for recovery. If you want to recover all messages, just click on Recover.


To only retrieve one or a couple of messages, first uncheck the box next to Messages in the left panel to remove current recovery selections. Next, click on Messages to view the located items on the right of the application.


Each message will have a checkbox to the left of the name as shown below. If it is checked, it is selected for recovery. To choose or remove a message, just click on the checkbox.


If you need to see more information, click on the displayed message and it will appear on the far right of the screen.


Above the list, an option is provided for only viewing the text messages actually removed from the phone. Click on the ‘Only Display Deleted Items’ at the top of the utility to enable this option. It will turn blue after doing so.


Step 5: Finish the Retrieval. Before the selected messages are retrieved by Dr.Fone, you will need to click on the Recover button and choose a save directory.



Regardless of how the text message was deleted, you need a dependable way to get it back! Dr.Fone for Android can be used to regain messages and other data on a Galaxy Note 2 or 3. It may also be used on newer Note models, other compatible Android phones, and even tablets. To complete the recovery, you will need to perform the steps shown in the provided tutorial:

  1.     Remove unnecessary file types.
  2.     Complete device verification.
  3.     Scan for messages.
  4.     Make recovery selections.
  5.     Finish the retrieval.

If you need to retrieve one or multiple messages from your device, download Dr.Fone today and see how easy it can be to get them back. It only takes a few minutes to complete the tutorial, so why not give it a try today!



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