Recover Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Communicating on the go has become a necessity with the fast-paced lives many individuals lead today. Smartphones make it easier to send a quick text message about work or home. These items are typically unimportant, but there will always be a few that contain pertinent information such as a contact number or address. When a critical one suddenly gets deleted or lost on your phone, it can seem impossible to get it back.

Dr.Fone for Android can help you quickly regain these items without spending hours trying to locate the information on your smartphone. The utility is able to scan an Android smartphone that has been connected to a Mac or Windows computer. Dr.Fone will perform steps to identify your smartphone after it has been installed and opened. It will scan for any deleted text messages and can be used to recover one or all of the scan results.

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After device scanning has completed, you will be able to preview the results, restore specific texts, or recover all text messages from the connected Galaxy Note 4. Dr.Fone for Android also provides a search feature and additional options for a simple, reliable way to recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Before you can get started, the utility must be installed on a computer for the appropriate operating system (Mac or Windows). Then connect the Galaxy Note 4 to the computer and open the utility to begin the recovery process.


Dr.Fone will identify your phone after it has been physically connected and the utility has been opened on the computer.


Please note that this tutorial displays how to recover files on a Mac computer; however, you may install Dr.Fone for Android on a Windows computer as well. Then perform the same steps to recover text messages from your phone.

5 Steps For Easy Text Recovery

The following tutorial has been provided to help you quickly regain text messages on any Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

Step 1: Configure Text Message Recovery. When Dr.Fone has finished identifying your device, every available file type will automatically be selected for data retrieval. To begin, uncheck the check box for every item except Messages and then click on Next.


Step 2: Wait for Dr.Fone to Verify the Device. The utility will need to apply one-click root and perform other verification steps before a scan can be performed. Click Next to start this step and wait patiently for the verification process to complete.


Step 3: Scan for Recoverable Texts. The scan starts immediately after the verification process has finished. A progress bar is provided at the top of the utility to view estimated scanning time and current progress.


Click on Messages on the left side of the application to view the current scan results. The recovery option in the bottom right corner of the utility will be disabled until scanning has completed.


Step 4: Select Your Text Messages. After scanning, every available text will be marked for recovery as noted by the checkmark next to Messages. If every item should be restored, all you need to do is click on the Recover button.


If only one or a few texts need to be retrieved, click on Messages and choose the items you want to recover. The located messages will appear on the right side of the utility and can be previewed for making custom selections.


Click on a checkbox in the list to choose or remove an item for recovery. You may also click on the displayed message to see additional information.


By default, every text message available for recovery on the smartphone will be displayed in the scan results. If you only want to see only deleted messages, you must enable the “Only Display Deleted Items” slider. To do so, click on the slider at the top of the screen. It will have a blue background when enabled.


Step 5: Finish Message Retrieval. In the bottom right corner of the application you will see the Recover button. Click on this button after all recovery selections have been made to choose a save location and complete the message retrieval.


Whether you accidentally removed the message or another unexpected event result in the loss, Dr.Fone for Android offers a helpful solution. Don’t let a lost or deleted message add stress to your day! Dr.Fone is able to locate every message on your Galaxy Note 4 and quickly restore them to a location of your choice. Just follow the steps below, as discussed in the provided tutorial:

  1.     Configure Text Message Recovery.
  2.     Wait for Dr.Fone to Verify the Device.
  3.     Scan for Recoverable Texts.
  4.     Select Your Text Messages.
  5.     Finish Message Retrieval.


Dr.Fone for Android provides an easy way to regain lost or deleted messages and can be used with other Galaxy smartphone models. It can also be used to retrieve additional types of data from your phone such as contacts or documents.

Perform a quick scan of your Galaxy Note 4 today to see what data can be recovered on your Android smartphone!

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