Recover Deleted Text Messages Samsung Galaxy S6

Recovering Deleted Text Messages on a Samsung Galaxy S6

A recent deletion of an important message or loss of all information on your Samsung Galaxy S6 can seem devastating. It is all too easy to assume this data is simply gone. However, with the right tool, it is just as simple to regain this information on any Android phone or tablet. If you have recently lost text messages on your phone, take a minute to breath and relax.

Download Dr.Fone for Android to begin taking control of this unexpected situation. Dr.Fone for Android is a recovery utility designed to scan your phone for any deleted or lost data. The reality is that your files are not gone yet. They have to be overwritten by other data to truly be irretrievable. You can use Dr.Fone for Android to quickly recover deleted text messages Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Before You Begin

You will need to perform two preliminary steps to get started:

1.    Install Dr.Fone for Android on a Mac or Windows based computer.

2.    Connect the Galaxy S6 to the computer and open Dr.Fone.


After you have done so, the utility will identify the device before starting the recovery process. The screen will appear as shown below during this process:


Additionally, you will need to ensure that USB Debugging is enabled on your phone. Just tap on Settings, then Developer Options, and enable the USB Debugging option.

You are now ready to begin the recovery process with Dr.Fone, just follow the steps shown in this tutorial.

4 Easy Steps for Text Message Recovery

After connecting the device and opening Dr.Fone, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose to Restore Text Messages. Before file types may be chosen for retrieval, Dr.Fone will need to identify the device. When this process is finished, uncheck all file type options besides Messages by clicking on the checkbox next to each file type on the screen.



Step 2: Proceed with the Scan. Click on Start to allow Dr.Fone to apply one-click root, analyze the device, and initiate the scan.


The utility will analyze your device in preparation for the scan and the scan will start automatically. Scanning could take a little time depending on the amount of data residing on your Samsung Galaxy S6.


If you want to know the estimated time of completion, this information can be viewed in the progress bar at the top of the screen.


Step 3: Select Messages for Recovery. All texts will be chosen by default after scanning. You can see the number of messages located by Dr.Fone in the left panel next to Messages.


If you want to recover all messages, simply click on recover without making any other selections.


However, if only certain messages need to be recovered, click on Messages in the left panel and every found message will appear on the right of the utility.

To remove a selection, simply click on the checkbox next to the desired SMS.

Alternatively, you may uncheck the checkbox next to Messages in the left panel and then only check the items you want to regain.


When examining what was recovered, you have the option to only view the ones that have actually been deleted from the phone. Click on the slider to enable this option.


Then perform the necessary steps to select the needed messages or remove a current selection. Checkboxes with a checkmark are currently selected for recovery.


Step 4: Complete the Recovery. When finished, you will need to click on Recover. This can be found at the bottom right corner of the utility. If nothing has been selected, the Recover button will be grayed out.

After clicking on Recover, the text messages will automatically be restored from the connected device.


As shown by this tutorial, Dr.Fone for Android is easy to use and takes only a few minutes for recovering lost or deleted text messages from your Samsung Galaxy S6.

It is also a great recovery option for any other Android compatible device. Whether you need to restore all files or a select few, these four steps will get you there with Dr.Fone:

  1. Choose to recover messages.
  2. Proceed with the scanning.
  3. Select items for recovery.
  4. Complete the recovery process.


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