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When things don’t go according plan, you always need a backup solution. This holds true especially when it comes to technology. You can’t always expect the Internet to work when you’re rushing to complete an assignment or work task. You can’t just store files on your home computer without backing up to a hard drive, or the cloud, because maybe tomorrow you’ll have a colossal hardware problem that fries your disk. And you can’t expect for the content on your phone to always be there. Backing up should be a way of life.

But sometimes, you haven’t backed up. I’ll guess that almost every one of us has had some technology failure that has led to data loss. If you’ve realised that you just deleted important photos from your LG G4 then you’re probably cursing yourself saying “Why didn’t I just back them up?”.


There are tools that can help us when we haven’t created backups. Recovering deleted or lost data from your device isn’t quite as easy as grabbing it out of the Recycle Bin, but it is possible. This is where Dr. Fone for Android comes in.

Dr. Fone for Android is a software downloaded to your computer that helps you get back what is gone. It recovers your contacts, your text messages, photos, videos, audio, documents and even your WhatsApp history.


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We’ve presented here a handy guide on how to use Dr. Fone to recover photos from LG G4.

Dr. Fone for Android is slick. The interface is simple enough that anyone can easily follow it. It runs through each specific step in the data recovery process to ensure the maximum chance at retrieving your files.

Find the data cable that runs from your phone to your computer and use it to connect the two. Sometimes this cable needs to be detached from your main charging unit. If your device isn’t detected by the software, try unplugging and plugging again, or a different cable. Make sure you get rid of any pop ups of your phone’s software trying to run on the computer.

Unless you’ve done some fiddling around the back end of your phone a bit before, then you’ll need to go into your Settings and turn on the USB Debugging under your Developer Options menu. To unlock the Developer Options menu, first click Settings, then About phone, then Build number (click 7 times quickly). From there, go back to the main Settings menu and click Developer Options, under which you’ll find USB Debugging. Click to turn it on.


Now, with the phone ready and USB Debugging available, you’re ready for the scanning to start. Choose from regular scan or deep scan, depending on how much content you want to dig up (and how much time you’ve got for the scan to run).


If you’ve previously gone and rooted your phone, you will need to allow access for the program to your SuperUser account. There should be a pop-up on your phone screen that you should allow access for (and remember). After changing the setting, you can click on the Retry button.


Here’s where Dr. Fone does its thing. Scanning will take a little while so you may as well grab a cup of coffee or tea to wait for it to finish. When you get back to the program, the progress bar should be completed, indicating it’s all stopped and the data is ready to look over. If you go in and click on Gallery, you’ll see all the photos on your LG G4. This includes both the deleted and the ones that are still available for you to access on your phone. If you just want to see the deleted ones then there’s an option for that too. You can switch that on with the little toggle above where all the photos are.

Once you go through all your pictures, selecting which ones to keep, you can press Recover to have them saved safely to your computer for future access.

Dr. Fone for Android works on a huge number of Android devices. This includes tablets as well. You can use it with Sonys, HTCs, Huaweis, Samsung, LGs. Even if your phone is not supported, if it’s rooted, you should be able to use Dr. Fone with no hassle. It also supports a huge range of Android operating system versions, even those released prior to 2.3. It’s a multi-use tool so apart from the fact that it can recover photos from LG G4, you can use it to recover lost or deleted data on all your other Android devices, too.

It’s not surprising Dr. Fone for Android is the #1 data recovery tool for Android devices worldwide. Check out all the features with their free trial and you’ll see just why.

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