Recover Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

Has a recent unexpected tap or phone issue on your Samsung Galaxy S5 resulted in loss of photos? These occurrences might seem detrimental, but they are easily resolvable with a recovery tool designed for Android devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Losing photos is no doubt a devastating event, but what if they could be retrieved in as little as five minutes? Hmm…now that is a great way to eliminate stress in these situations!

Dr.Fone for Android is precisely what you need to quickly recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 or any compatible Android device. As a top-notch recovery program, Dr.Fone offers a friendly user interface where the following steps are simple to complete:

  • Connect and analyze the phone
  • Scan for retrievable photos
  • Restore all or selected images

It is truly a simple task when Dr.Fone for Android is used to regain precious moments from your smartphone. As a bonus, Dr.Fone offers a version for use on both Mac and Windows operating systems. This ensures that you can quickly connect the Galaxy S5 and locate any lost or deleted data. With this dependable recovery utility, it is easy to:

  • Locate & restore all gallery images
  • Search for one or more photos
  • Select and recover individual photos
  • Recover certain image types


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Before you may begin, the first step will be to download the appropriate version of Dr.Fone to your computer. Install the utility, connect the Galaxy S5, and then open the application. The software needs to identify the connected device before the recovery process begins:
Note: If you have not yet disabled USB Debugging on the device, then please do so before continuing with the tutorial below.

How to Use Dr.Fone to Retrieve Photos on a Galaxy S5

This tutorial may be used to recover all photos, just the deleted ones, or any image you desire. Make certain that the Galaxy S5 has been connected to the computer and Dr.Fone is running before starting this tutorial.

Step 1: Remove All Selections But Gallery. Dr.Fone will display a screen for choosing desired file types after the device has been identified. To get started, first remove all selections except for Gallery.

This can be done by clicking on the checkbox next to each file type and removing its checkmark. Once finished, you will need to click on Next in the bottom corner.



Step 2: Select the Recovery Mode. Dr.Fone for Android provides three recovery options for images. The first is a Standard Recovery Mode where you may either:

1.    Find only deleted photos.

2.    Scan for all images.


Additionally, an Advanced Recovery Mode is also provided for situations in which the images could not be found with the Standard Recovery Mode. The recommended choice in most instances is Standard Mode > Scan for Deleted Files. Click on Next after making a selection.



Step 3: Begin Scanning. Click on Start to allow Dr.Fone to apply one-click root and analyze your phone.


The scan will begin automatically after analysis and could take a few minutes. If you want to know how long it will take, this information may be viewed in the progress bar located at the top of the window.


Additionally, current scan results may be viewed at any time by clicking on Gallery in the left panel of the utility.


Step 4: Select Your Images. Next, click on Gallery (if not done so already) to view the scan results on the right side of the utility window. By default, all images will be selected and it is best to uncheck the box next to Gallery in the left panel before making individual recovery selections.



This will make it easier to only check the items you want to recover from your Galaxy S5. You will be provided with a preview of each image on the right and you may click on a checkbox to make or remove a selection.


To change the view from a thumbnail to list format, click on the appropriate icon in the upper left of the screen.


To recover all located images, simply leave Gallery checked in the left panel and then click on Recover in the bottom right of the utility. This will recover all images found on the connected Samsung Galaxy S5. Otherwise check the box next to each image you want to recover from the device.



To locate images by name or type, use the Search Feature located at the upper right of the screen. Type the file name or the file extension for a specific image type and matched results will immediately be displayed on the screen. Click on X to remove the search criteria and view all results again.



Step 5: Finish the File Recovery. The recovery will not be finished until you have clicked on Recover and waited patiently for Dr.Fone to perform its handy work. The images will be restored automatically to a designated directory after this step.



A lost image, deleted photo, or other unexpected complication is easily fixable when you use Dr.Fone for Android. Remember to connect your Galaxy S5 after installing the utility and then complete the steps outlined in this tutorial:

  1. Select Gallery only.
  2. Configure the Recovery Mode.
  3. Complete the scan.
  4. Choose images to retrieve.
  5. Click on the ‘Recover’ button.


Dr.Fone provides a straightforward approach to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as other compatible devices. Within minutes, your images will be restored so you can get on with your day.

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