Recover Photos From LG Flex

If you’ve been snapping away on your LG Flex and suddenly realize you can’t find your photos, you might be feeling very concerned right now.

Since phones have practically replaced cameras as our go-to recording devices,  they are entrusted to keep all of our precious memories safe.

Unfortunately, sometimes, somewhere along the way, there’s a fault.

How Photos Can Be Lost:

  •          Doing a factory reset of the phone
  •          Hard drive damage
  •          Software corruption
  •          Phone virus or malware

When you want to recover photos from LG Flex then it’s time to turn to the expert: Dr. Fone for Android by Wondershare.

Dr. Fone for Android helps you recover a wide range of files from your LG Flex. If you’re missing items from your camera roll, they’re there to help. Dr. Fone for Android also works with a huge range of Android devices, both phones and tablets, so it’s not just useful for your LG Flex.


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About the Company

Wondershare is the maker of a wide range of utility software for tasks such as video conversion and editing, PDF editing, data erasing and data recovery. It’s also the maker of the number one software recovery tool for iOS devices, the original Dr. Fone. Its programs are very user friendly, and have a very helpful customer service department.

Supported File Types

  •          Photos
  •          Videos
  •          Text Messages
  •          Contacts
  •          Call History
  •          Audio
  •          Documents
  •          WhatsApp History

Systems Supported

  •          Windows
  •          Mac

The software will start from the directory it is placed in and this is the opening screen, telling you to connect your LG Flex to your computer. After grabbing the data transfer cord and hooking them both up, the program should start to work.


If the connection is good, the software will move on to this screen. You just have to wait for the computer to recognize the LG Flex. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.



A pop-up will be seen requesting to allow the software access to the phone. Clicking on the OK or Allow button does the trick and the recognition process can continue.



This next screen shows all the categories of information you can choose to go through and retrieve data from. Since you’re only concentrating on photos today, Gallery is the choice to click. If you to have a browse through all of the phone’s contents, simply do a Select All.



This message might pop up before the recovery process starts. It’s nothing to worry about, it just allows the software to scan your phone correctly by rooting it briefly. It does not void your manufacturer’s warranty.



Since the intent is to find the deleted photos, select the option for ‘Scan for deleted items’. To recover everything, or do an advanced scan, choose one of those options here. The other two scans both take longer to complete, so if you know it’s just deleted photos that you’re after, then go with that option.



The software is almost ready to scan. First off, though, there is some analysis to do. It shouldn’t take too long for the percentage sitting there in the corner to reach 100% and we’ll be ready to go.



Here’s where the actual scan starts. If you want to pause or stop it (say, you want to do some other things on your computer), you may do so, but do not disconnect the phone while the scan is running as it may cause issues. Depending on how many deleted photos there are stored on the phone memory, this scan may take a little while.



Finally, when the scan is finished, there is no longer that progress bar running along the top. This means it’s safe to go and have a look through all the deleted photos in the gallery. Clicking on the node at the left allows access to it all.



On opening up the Gallery, you will see all the old deleted images that don’t show up on your phone any more. There’s probably a lot of junk in there – do you really need Google, Instagram and Messenger pictures? But there’s probably a lot of images you want to keep too.



Go through and check all the boxes next to the pictures that you want to save. From here, you can click on the Recover button, ready to save all the images. The pictures get saved on to the computer, ready for storing, printing, editing or sending back to the phone.



So there you have it! If you need to recover photos from LG Flex, the easiest solution is to download a copy of Dr. Fone for Android and give it a try. You will be surprised at the amount of data that is recoverable from your phone.


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