Recover Photos from LG Optimus

Easy Way to Recover Photos from LG Optimus

If there are photos on your LG Optimus that you need but can’t seem to transfer them off the phone, or they’ve accidentally been deleted somehow, well then you’re in the right place. We’ve detailed an easy how-to guide on what you need to do to retrieve the photos that you need.

If you have:

• Reformatted your phone’s hard drive
• Have errors accessing your photos
• Deleted your photos
• Got issues with corrupted software
• Have viruses that has infected your phone


The way to recover photos from LG Optimus is by using a software called Dr. Fone for Android that’s made by Wondershare. It’s hugely popular as an iOS data recovery tool and they’ve now made a design of it specifically for Android systems.


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What Dr. Fone for Android Does

Dr. Fone for Android gets installed on your computer and hooks up with your phone to read the data from it. It’s very crafty because it can also find deleted data, not just the items you can see.

What Dr. Fone for Android Can Recover

You already know that Dr. Fone can grab your photo gallery, but it can also bring back to life videos, audio files, WhatsApp history, text messages, call history, contacts and documents. Wondershare is always looking to find new files to recover, too.

It looks for the data on your phone memory but there is also the option to run scans for data on the SD card (where often a lot of your phone files are stored).

What Dr. Fone for Android Works With

Not only will Dr. Fone for Android work with your LG Optimus, it also works with a huge range of other Android phones and tablets.


The How to Guide


On opening up the software, this is the home screen. To retrieve from the SD card, there’s an option for that at the bottom. To recover missing photos from the phone memory, the phone will need to be plugged in to the computer via the data cable that it comes with.


When the phone is plugged in, Dr. Fone for Android will start to recognize the device. There’s a progress bar to see how far off the way through the process the software is.


Sometimes, the software will stop as permissions on the phone will need to be set for the software to access the phone properly. This involves switching on USB Debugging and then giving permission for the computer to access it.


The next screen gives a choice of file types to recover. Since it’s just photos that we’re after, Gallery must be selected. Clicking Next when done will start the scan.


This screen may flash up talking about One-click root. It basically gives the program full root access to the phone for the time of the scan and then switches it off again. It will not void any phone warranties, unlike typical rooting. Pressing Start initiates it.


Since we only want the deleted photos, that’s the option we’re choosing here. Clicking Next takes us to the next stage.


The waiting game starts again, the phone is analyzed to obtain all the information needed to run the scan. The analysis is complete when the number in the blue circle reaches 100%.


During the scan, there’s not much to do but wait until it finishes. Depending on the amount of phone data, it can take some time. It’s best to wait for the entire scan to finish, or pause it if a break is needed via the Pause button at the top.


This is the screen shown once scanning is all done. To view images just click on Gallery. As you can see, there are 375 images in this one.


Opening the Gallery shows all the deleted photos on the phone. Each one is pre-selected for recovery.



Unselecting all the images we don’t want to keep leaves us only with the images needed. Clicking on the Recover button will start saving all the selected deleted pictures from the LG Optimus. These will be stored on the computer but they can also be sent back to the phone.


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