Recover Photos From LG Tribute

Looking to recover photos from LG Tribute? The solution lies with Dr. Fone for Android. It can recover photos, videos, audio, documents, contacts, call history, text messages and WhatsApp messages and attachments from the LG Tribute. It also works with a huge amount of other Android phones and tablets.



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Dr. Fone for Android is the world leading choice for users who wish to retrieve missing files from their Android devices. So how did those files go missing anyway? Here are some possibilities:

  • The phone was formatted
  • The hard drive has been corrupted
  • The photos were deleted unintentionally
  • The photos are missing/can’t be found
  • The photos were not backed up to the cloud before deletion


To use Dr. Fone, all you need is a computer (any Mac or Windows computer will do), the data cable for your LG Tribute (it should have come with your phone and connects to the phone with a USB connector at the other end), and your phone.  Make sure the device is charged to at least 20% of the battery before doing anything.


We describe the steps to recover photos from LG Tribute below, so download Dr. Fone for Android and then install it to continue on.


Step 1. Connect the LG Tribute to your computer with the data cable. If Dr. Fone doesn’t recognize the connection, try unplugging and then re-plugging, or use a different data cable. If you think the missing photos were on your SD card then choose that option below. This requires removing the SD card from your device and plugging it in to the computer. Some computers have an inbuilt SD card reader whereas others require an external reading device.



Step 2. When the phone is connected correctly, you will see an output like this.




Step 3. If the connection is interrupted, then you need to turn on USB Debugging and allow Dr. Fone to access the phone’s memory. Turning on USB Debugging involves going into your phone Settings > About Phone > clicking on Build Number 7 times quickly > (going back to) Settings > Developer Settings (which you’ve just turned on by doing the 7 clicks) > USB Debugging. Click to enable it. After this, you’ll probably see a pop up that is initiated from the computer asking for access to the phone. Click on OK to allow it access.



Step 4. This next window will then be displayed. Choose Gallery to find all your missing photos and then click on ‘Next’. If you want to choose other files to recover at this point, you can do so but it will increase the time taken to scan the device.



Step 5. Dr. Fone for Android may request a ‘one-click root’. Read through the information displayed carefully to check that you agree with it and then press Start to continue.



Step 6. Pick which type of scan to run on the LG Tribute. The choices are:

  • Scan for deleted files
  • Scan for all files
  • Advanced Scan


The ‘all files’ scan and the advanced scan do take longer to run but if you need to, select them. We’ve chosen the deleted files option here. Click on Next.



Step 7. Before the scan starts, Dr. Fone for Android will analyze the LG Tribute to determine the best method of scanning. It finds the device and model information before moving along to the scanning part.



Step 8. Here’s where the scanning takes place. It may take some time to run through. You can see how long to scan completion at the top of the page.



Step 9. The scan is complete when the time remaining and the progress bar disappears. You can see here that the scan has uncovered 375 deleted photos that take up 94.29MB. Select Gallery up at the corner left to see the files the program has found on your device.



Step 10. Choose which of the deleted photos that you want to save by ticking the checkboxes underneath each photo. There will probably be a lot of images that you’re not interested in keeping. Once all the important ones are selected, click on the blue Recover button to save them.


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