Recover Photos From LG Volt

Lost some photos from your LG Volt? Need to find them fast and reliably? Count on Dr. Fone for Android to recover photos from LG Volt and to get the job done fast!


How Can Data Loss Occur?

    •          Factory reset of your phone
    •          App or operating system software faults
    •          Accidental deletion of photos
    •          App deletion


Advantages of Using Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone for Android is well trusted, with extremely good reviews and has been downloaded many times. It has a clean, simple interface and Wondershare has fast, reliable customer service. The software saves all your files to your computer. It is also available with a free trial and has a 30 day money back guarantee.


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What is supported?

The software has types for PC and Mac. It retrieves photos, videos, audio, documents, call history, text messages and WhatsApp history. It also works with a huge assortment of different Android device manufacturers and models, including tablets as well as phones.

How to Use Dr. Fone for Android

Download Dr. Fone from the Wondershare website to recover photos from LG Volt. Go through the install process and choose the desired directory for it to reside in.

Open the software from where you installed it to.


Here’s what you will be able to view upon opening the program. Dr. Fone for Android instructs the user to connect the Android device to the computer with the cable. That’s the data cable that came with the LG Volt. If the connection is not good, it may need a little bit of jiggling the cord around if it’s faulty.


When then connection is starting to be established, this is the progress screen. As seen here, we’re sitting on 20%.


If USB Debugging isn’t on in the phone, a prompt will appear on the screen as such. To get USB Debugging up and running, go into the Volt’s Settings menu, then About phone and go in to tap on Build number 7 times in a row. 7 is the magic number that turns on the Developer Settings menu in the Volt. Go back into Settings > Developer Settings > enable USB Debugging. If the computer asks permission to access the phone, accept it or choose OK.


Now is the time to pick the data types that you want to recover. For the pictures list only, choose Gallery and nothing else. If you choose to check out the other items too, your phone will take a lot longer to scan (but you may find some interesting things in there!). Tap on ‘Next’ to go on.


This screen might come up. What it does is temporarily root your device making it accessible for Dr. Fone to run through properly. Don’t worry, because it will not make your phone manufacturer’s warranty void, like a regular root will do. Run the ‘Start’ button.


Here’s where you can pick which kind of scan to run on your LG Volt. To only choose the deleted files, just click on that radio button (it will be auto selected). There are other options available for scanning all of your files or doing the advanced mode too but just choose the deleted files for now then tap ‘Next’ to scan.


Dr. Fone for Android will analyze your device a little further. This shouldn’t take much longer than a minute or two, and then next screen will automatically start up.


The scan starts to run, finding all the deleted photos in the gallery. Wait for it to go all the way through until you check your files.


The progress bar will disappear when the scan finishes. Click on the Gallery part to open up and view all your deleted images.


Here you’ll find the treasure trove of all of the photos that have been deleted from your device.


Go and uncheck the checkboxes of the photos that you don’t want to keep from the Gallery. There will probably be a lot you don’t want to keep. When you have selected everything you want, then you can tap on the Recover button which saves the images on to the computer. From there, you can do anything you like with them.


If you’ve lost pictures from your LG Volt that you would like to get back, then there really is no other faster, easier, and more comprehensive data recovery tool for Android devices than Dr. Fone for Android. Give it a try to see what you can recover and you may be surprised at the results.

Don’t forget to give Wondershare a shout out if you’re happy with Dr. Fone and what it has done for you.


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