Recover Videos From LG G3

Easy Way to Recover Videos from LG G3

In terms of stuff ups, losing some of your most important content can rank highly. If you, like me, have accidentally removed some important videos from your LG G3 then you’re in the right place my friend.

Like you, I too have done something silly with my phone. An astronomical stuff up, if you will.

My god daughter’s wedding was an amazing event, filled with friends and family, the gorgeous (and to be wed) Anna Rose was beaming with joy throughout the day. And I got to be a part of it from the very start. From the hotel room, waking up and having a champagne breakfast with her bridesmaids, to getting laced up in her beautiful dress, to  more selfies with the bridesmaids and a few tears here and there… And flowers… And coffee.

Anna considered me to be her backup videographer – just with my LG G3, but since I’m known for having a steady hand, I was there for her (and always will be). Just in case the videographer turned out to be a nightmare, I was there for her.

We had some fabulous scenes. One of the girls laughing uncontrollably at the jokes the makeup artist was cracking – yes mascara isn’t the best thing to put on at that exact moment. One of Anna looking carefully in the mirror wiping away a quick, joyous tear. One where she was all dressed up and walking down the stairs with her huge skirt pulled up just enough to not fall, and her veil dragging behind her.

And then came the ceremony. I’d packed a powerbank so there was no way I was running out of battery on this occasion. It was absolutely beautiful, and the reception even better.

Now, if you’re like me, you little to indulge in a tipple at wedding receptions. The bride and groom do love it when you’re having great fun at a wedding instead of sitting ashen-faced next to a great aunt that is telling you all about her latest colonoscopy. So I do like to partake.

However, on this occasion, I did have a little too much and my memory gets rather hazy around 1am! The bride and groom went off to their suite leaving the rest of the party goers to continue on in their absence.  Naturally, it was a good to break out the Bus Stop.

But after the Bus Stop, my memory gets even hazier, so I’ll stop it there.

When I woke up, I was face down on my sofa and not feeling the freshest. Having slight memories of a wonderful evening, I smiled and then whipped out my phone to review the previous day’s videos.

They. Were. Gone.

I was mortified! What had happened? Not only did I want to look over them for myself but Anna was relying on me for more footage!

For a short while I panicked – and then I hit Google.

I stumbled across a software product that said it would recover my videos naturally, I downloaded it to try it out.

The software is called Dr. Fone for Android and is available for download to PC or Mac computers. I have a Windows laptop so I downloaded it.

The product did everything it said it would and more!


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It found old contacts and text messages that I thought I’d lost (I must have a habit of deleting things somehow!) as well photos, documents and audio clips. Even my WhatsApp history.

Since it worked so well for me, I’d like to share how you use it so it can work for you too. Most especially if you want to recover videos from LG G3.


First up: you need to download and install the software. After the install, it will ask you to plug in your LG G3. You need to use the data cable for your phone to connect it up to your computer.



The next part is a little fiddly, but not too tricky. When Dr. Fone has recognized your phone, you may need to turn on your USB Debugging. Pick up your phone and go into Settings, then About Phone, afterwhich you select Build Number (click on it seven times). Then go back to your Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging. When you’re done with that, return to the computer and hit the button down the bottom left to continue.



Dr. Fone should now say that it’s ready to start scanning your phone. If you managed to lose your videos a while ago and hadn’t noticed, I’d recommend using the Deep Scan option as it checks a bit more thoroughly for your lost files. Press “Start” to begin the scan.



The scanning page for data will come up. If you wait until it’s finished, it will be a lot easier to find your videos. When it’s finished, go to Videos on the left and click on it. It will show all your videos, as well as the missing ones! If you want to save them, choose the checkbox next to it (make sure there’s a tick) and then hit the Recover button.

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