Recover Videos From LG G4

Easy Way to Recover Videos from LG G4

Let me start by saying this – if you have a new smartphone, just make sure that you take care of it. Especially if it’s brand new. And especially if you’ve just gone out and got yourself the new LG G4.

This phone is great. It’s got a 16MP camera with a huge range of new capabilities, the back of it looks really cool and the display is, from my perspective, flawless.

Or it was.

Just over a week ago, I was out filming my friends skateboarding on my brand new spanking phone. We all skate pretty darn good and since I haven’t quite recovered from my last accident which involved a busted ankle, I’m currently the designated camera guy.

So yes, I should know that I get into accidents on a regular basis. I thought since I wasn’t skating this time, that apart from the possibility of one of my friends breaking a collarbone (not me!), I would be pretty safe.


While sitting along the lip of the half pipe, bending down so my phone’s in line with the tricks for that perfect shot, one of the kids about to drop in goes ahead and bumps me and my LG G4 falls straight out of my hands and into the path of my friend who’s currently just on his way down. It gets between his wheels and he falls down and my phone, my phone, falls down with him.

He’s alright but my screen is beyond busted. I quickly calculate the cost of repairing it and realise 1) it’s super expensive and 2) my Samsung Galaxy S2 is looking like a good backup for the time being.

I’m a bit upset for a short while but I usually bounce back pretty well from disappointment. My phone can wait in the closet until I’m ready to repair it. However, I really want the videos back from last week. We’ve got some great shots and we were hoping to do a promo video to stick up on YouTube. I’d heard that you can get data off your smartphone but I wasn’t sure how to do it so I took to Google.

What I came up with was a piece of software you can use to get all your photos, videos, messages and documents back off your damaged phone. Since you can use it from your computer and your screen doesn’t need to be un-smashed, only your phone needs to be able to switch on (which it still could), it seemed like a great option.

It’s called Dr. Fone for Android and can be used with the LG G4 as well as heaps of other Android phones and tablets. I could get the data off my Samsung Galaxy S2 as well if I wanted to, which is handy. You can get it in the Mac version or the PC version so everyone is able to use it. Once you download it, you can use it as many times as you like.


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Here are the steps I went through to recover videos from LG G4.


Step 1. The program asks to connect the phone to the computer. That’s the cord that has one end that connects with your phone and the other end that has a USB connector to plug into your computer. If it doesn’t seem to recognize your phone, you have to try plugging it in again or changing the cord to a different one.


Step 2. Hopefully the USB Debugging is already switched on on your phone or you can at least see enough of the screen (and the touch is still working) to do a little fiddling around in your Settings to turn it on. Selecting Settings -> About phone -> Build number (click seven times) -> Back -> Developers Options -> USB Debugging (on) is the way to get it working.


Step 3. It’s now ready to start doing its thing. If you want just the regular run of the mill scan, then pressing Start will do the trick or for a┬ámore comprehensive scan, you need to check the ‘Enable Deep Scan’ checkbox before hitting that Start button. Make sure you pay attention to the Android guy and ensure you’re phone’s charged at least 20%. This is so it doesn’t cut out midway through.


Step 4. The scan is going to run its course for a while. If you like watching pots boil, grass grow, paint dry, just stare at it until it’s done. It shouldn’t actually take that long, depending on the amount of content you’ve got stored on your phone. You’re better off waiting until it’s finished to start going through your data though. When it stops, go into the property on the left that says Videos. This should contain all the videos stored on your phone and even the deleted ones. Make sure the ones you want to keep all have their checkboxes ticked and then you can start saving them all to the computer by clicking on the button to recover them.

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