Recover Videos From Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4

Easy Way to Recover Videos From Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4

Do you regularly use a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, or S4 phone to take important videos at work or at home? Have you previously lost one of these videos and were unable to retrieve them? If so, a recovery tool is the best option for regaining this information. One of the most dependable program made available today to recover videos from Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4 is Dr.Fone for Android.

If you have recently lost a video and want to get it back fast, then Dr.Fone offers several options for getting the job done. Dr.Fone for Android is a recovery application that may be installed on a Mac or Windows computer. The utility is able to quickly locate and restore several types of data that are regularly stored on an Android phone. By connecting your Samsung Galaxy to the computer where Dr.Fone is installed, you will be able to locate any deleted videos and quickly salvage them.


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Dr.Fone for Android is a simple-to-use utility for regaining several types of data from a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, or S4. It may be used to locate and recover images, text messages, contacts, and more. In order to start the recovery process, you will need to first install the appropriate version of the program to your computer, then connect your phone and wait for Dr.Fone to complete the initial connection:


Once completed, you will be able to choose the file types you want to recover, scan the device, and make individual file selections. Please remember to disable USB Debugging before completing the provided tutorial.

How to Quickly Recover Your Videos

This tutorial shows how to recover videos From Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4 phone on a Mac computer. Please note that if you are using a Windows computer to run Dr.Fone, the utility might look a little different. Make sure the phone has been connected and then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the Videos File Type. After the initial connection, Dr.Fone will provide a screen for selecting the file types to be recovered. Since not every file type is needed, the first step is to uncheck all items with the exception of Videos. Click on Next in the bottom right corner to continue.



Step 2: Check a Standard Recovery Mode Option. With Dr.Fone, you will be able to locate only the deleted items or every video stored on the phone.

An advanced mode is also provided as a secondary option when the desired files cannot be located with the standard choices. Choose the desired recovery mode option and then click on Next.



Step 3: Wait for Dr.Fone to Complete Scanning. After the recovery mode has been chosen, you will need to wait for Dr.Fone to perform a few preparation steps. Click Start in the bottom corner of the screen to begin.


Once Dr.Fone applies a ‘one-click root’ and analyzes your Samsung Galaxy, the scan will start without any intervention. A progress bar may be viewed at the top of the window and results are viewable by clicking on Videos in the left panel of the screen.


Please note that you will not be able to recover any files until the scan has completed.


Step 4: Pick Videos for Recovery. Dr.Fone will place a checkmark next to Videos in the left panel by default. If no other changes are made, then all files will be recovered upon clicking on the Recover button.

You will see a file count in parenthesis next to Videos in the left panel, which represents the number of files found during scanning. Click on the checkbox next to it to remove the default selections, then click on Videos to see the scan results in the right portion of the utility window.


Once finished, you will be able to review every video found within the right portion of the screen. For example, the image below shows that every video has been chosen for recovery as denoted by the checkmark and blue circle. Items with no checkmark are not a current recovery selection.


Dr.Fone provides two view options for reviewing and selecting videos in the utility. The view defaults to thumbnails; however, it may be changed to a list form by clicking on the List View option. These options can be found in the right corner of the window, as shown below:


A video may be added to or removed as a recovery selection by clicking on the checkbox next to the item’s name.



A search field is also provided for instances when one or more videos must be found amongst many for recovery. Within this field, you are able to type any text and Dr.Fone will display matching results automatically. The text can be the name of the file, a partial name, or a specific type of video file. Use the X to remove your text and view all results again.


Now all you need to do is complete the process, which can be done by clicking on ‘Recover’. Dr.Fone will instantly recover every selected video to a destination of your choice.

If you have recently lost or deleted a video, then Dr.Fone for Android can help you regain it with ease. Dr.Fone provides options for recovering specific videos, deleted files only, or every video stored on a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, or S4 phone. Just follow the steps below after installing the utility:


  1. Select the Videos file type.
  2. Check a Standard Recovery Mode option.
  3. Wait for Dr.Fone to complete the scan.
  4. Pick videos for recovery.

After you have finished selecting items for recovery, just click on Recover to finish. Dr.Fone is an easy option any time you need to recover videos from Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4 phone. Give it a try to see what data is currently salvageable from your phone!
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