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Smartphones have opened up the opportunity to take pictures on the fly, chat with friends or colleagues, and even quickly capture a video when needed. Along with these great advancements has come the issue of losing or accidentally deleting these items from your phone. If you currently use a Samsung Galaxy S5 to capture or store important videos, then a little additional protection is needed for those unexpected instances where something disappears.

Losing videos or an accidental deletion is a heart wrenching experience, as it is difficult to know how to get this information back from an Android phone or device. One option is to use a recovery tool designed for various types of data retrieval on these devices. Dr.Fone for Android is a great option to keep handy during these unexpected circumstances. If you have recently lost or accidentally remove one or more videos from a Samsung Galaxy S5, then Dr.Fone can help!

This utility may be used to locate and restore one, multiple, or all deleted items from your smartphone or an Android tablet. How does it work? When a file is deleted or lost on any device, it is not physically removed, but rather overwritten. The location information sits in an address table, which the operating system uses to open and display the information. However, if this address is lost or deleted, the file appears to be gone. A recovery tool is able to scan for these items and restore them from the device.

Features Offered by Dr.Fone for Android

While there are many recovery tools available to choose from, Dr.Fone is rated as one of the most dependable, easy-to-use options for retrieving lost or deleted information on a Samsung Galaxy S5. The utility performs a scan to locate any deleted videos on the connected smartphone and then displays the results prior to recovery.

In a few clicks, you will be able to locate the videos, select ones to recover, and complete the process. Dr.Fone offers these beneficial abilities:

  • Search by file name, type, etc.
  • Restore every deleted item
  • Locate & retrieve all videos
  • Make personalized selections
  • Restore only certain video types


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Before getting started, you must first download Dr.Fone to a computer and connect the Galaxy S5. Dr.Fone will then identify the device prior to file type selection, scanning, and recovery:


This process must be completed first before you may follow the steps shown in this tutorial to successfully recover videos from Samsung Galaxy S5.

4 Tasks for Quick Video Recovery

Step 1: Select the Appropriate File Type. Dr.Fone provides the option to recover images, videos, text messages, and more. Every type will be chosen for scanning by default. If you want to only scan for videos, the first step is to remove all other file type selections.

Simply click on a checkbox to remove a selection and then make certain only Videos is chosen before clicking on Next.



Step 2: Choose Standard Recovery Mode. You have the option to scan for deleted items or every video currently stored on the connected Galaxy S5. If, for some reason, the required item cannot found by a standard recovery, then try the Advanced Recovery Mode.

Click on the radial button next to the desired choice and click Next at the bottom right of the utility.



Step 3: Wait Patiently. Prior to selecting videos for recovery, Dr.Fone will need to complete a few steps including the actual scan of your phone. Click Start to initiate these steps.


The utility will immediately apply one-click root as well as complete the device analysis.


Next, Dr.Fone will locate recoverable videos on your Galaxy S5. This could take a few minutes and the scanning progress may be viewed at the top of the screen.


Please note that by clicking on Videos in the left panel during the scan, you will be able to view currently found items.


Step 4: Pick the Items You Want to Recover. Unless otherwise specified, all videos located by the scan will be restored. In the left panel, you will see Videos with a number in parenthesis. This is the total number of files found by the scan. If only certain items must be retrieved, uncheck the box next to Videos to deselect all scan results.

You have two options prior to finishing the recovery: restore all videos or make customized selections. If everything should be recovered, simply click on Recover to finish. To view the results and make individual selections, click on Videos located in the left panel on the screen.



The right side of the utility will then display each video that was found as part of the scan. In the image below, all results are still currently selected for recovery.



To recover videos from Samsung Galaxy S5, you have the option to change the view to a list. To do so, click on the List View option found at the top right of the screen.


Videos may be selected or removed as a choice by clicking on the checkbox to the left of their name in the utility. Dr.Fone will recover any item with a checkmark.



If you need to find specific videos, a Search Feature is provided in the upper right of the utility. Here you may type a specific file name, an extension such as .jpg, or any other relatable text to locate a video in the results.



To complete the recovery, you will need to click on the Recover button, which resides at the bottom right of the screen. Now sit back and wait patiently as Dr.Fone for Android completes the recovery.


A recent video deletion is an easy fix when you have Dr.Fone for Android. Whether the videos have been lost or deleted, they may be quickly retrieved with the above tutorial. To summarize, these 4 stress-free steps are all you need:

  1. Select the appropriate file type.
  2. Choose a Standard Recovery Mode.
  3. Wait patiently for scanning to complete.
  4. Pick the items you want to recover.

When finished, simply click on the Recover button to restore the files you have selected on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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