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Do you WhatsApp? I do. I also Viber, WeChat, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Skype. I do it all! It’s even hard to remember what platform I’m using sometimes. Like you know how when you SnapChat, the image disappears after you’ve seen it? Well it sure shouldn’t happen with WhatsApp!

Let me tell you a story. I was on holiday which is THE perfect time for using WhatsApp to message your family and friends. Lord knows I’m not going to get involved with those crazy roaming data charges when you’re out of the country that cost about a million dollars per SMS with my carrier, even though I’ve been their loyal customer for 5 years. And I learned my lesson turning on my actual data that one time. Helloooo huge phone bill.

So I’m on holiday and only using my WiFi so I can stay connected with everyone and am constantly using WhatsApp. I can’t help it, I’m one of those types that just can’t relax and do nothing. Anyway, long story short, something happened with my LG G3 that apparently caused it to completely delete WhatsApp. I’m pretty sure I didn’t choose to uninstall it and it wasn’t anywhere in my list of apps so it looks like it’s pretty much gone.

There are some people out there who would probably shrug their shoulders and go, “Meh”, but I actually like scrolling through all my old messages and reading what we were talking about a long time ago. A lot of the time I find it more fun than scrolling through my Facebook feed – person’s dog, complain about politics, ads, friend annoyingly promoting their new business.

So anyway, I thought I would see if it was at all possible to recover my WhatsApp messages. What did I have to lose?

Well, as it turns out, there was something that promised to recover all my WhatsApp history. After reading the great reviews of this product called Dr. Fone for Android, I decided to give it a try. It promised to recover my WhatsApp history, along with contacts, regular text messages, photos, videos, audio files and documents.

You have to download the product to your computer, but that was no big deal, I’d brought my trusty MacBook along with me (you can get the product for Windows too).


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So I downloaded and then installed the software, opened it up, and this was the start screen. You can follow the steps I went through to help recover WhatsApp messages LG G3.

Screen 1. The program asked me to connect up my phone to my computer. I hunted around for my data cable and then hooked it up. So far so good.


Screen 2. The program then asked me to turn on USB Debugging on my phone. I had no idea what this was but luckily it shows you how on the screen. First, I had to grab my phone and go into my Settings. Then I needed to find About phone and click on that too. I scroll to find the Build number and click on that 7 times (weird, I know). Then I had to go back to my Settings and choose Developer Options. From there, I needed to find USB Debugging and switch that on. Once I’d done that, I went back to my computer and clicked on the little button at the bottom of the window that said “Opened? Next…”.


Screen 3. The program was then ready to start. The little Android guy on the screen said to make sure my phone was charged by 20% at least so I had a quick check: 70%, it was good to go! Because I’m a little bit picky about doing things as thoroughly as possible, I checked the box that enabled a ‘Deep Scan’, and then clicked on the Start button.


Screen 4. Aha! All my phone data started filling up the screen. There was a progress bar up the top telling me how far along the scan was so I sat there patiently waiting for it to fill up. It took a while but from seeing the results of all my photos popping up, I knew it would be worth it. When the scan finished, I clicked on the WhatsApp field over on the left side there. Hey, what do you know! All my history was there! I was so happy. Highlight of the holiday. I selected all of the WhatsApp messages and hit the Recover button which saved them on to my computer.

I had great success using Dr. Fone for Android to recover my data. So if you’ve lost your WhatsApp history, somehow I’d recommend giving it a try to see what it can do for you!

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