Recover WhatsApp Messages LG G4

What’s happening WhatsApp? Where are all my messages?

Why is my LG G4 doing this to me?

Data loss can occur anywhere and at any time. When data goes missing or deleted, often there’s no other version of it somewhere. Instant restoration generally just isn’t possible.

Data loss doesn’t have to be forever though. A clever tool can assist to recover erased or missing data, help to recover what’s been lost.

The latest weapon in the arsenal of data retrieval tools to help out Android users is Wondershare’s Dr. Fone for Android. It’s a comprehensive tool that scans a connected device for data – both present data on the device as well as deleted data.

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Dr. Fone for Android comes in two versions: one version for a Mac and one version for a PC (Windows). This way, everyone can recover WhatsApp messages LG G4 so long as they have access to a computer. The software installer is small, so it is quick to download and the software itself isn’t too large either so it won’t take up too much space on your hard drive, if that’s a worry.

The software is so easy to use that it makes the whole debacle of losing the messages feel that much easier to deal with. It is also capable of recovering Contacts, Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio and Text Messages if any of those are missing or have been deleted, too. Each category of data is capable of showing both the data still present on the device along with the deleted data.

For those with an interest on how the software runs and what to do with it, here’s how to recover the missing WhatsApp messages LG G4:


After downloading and installing Dr. Fone for Android, launch the program from the installation directory.

Connect the LG G4 to the computer via its data cable. If the device isn’t recognized, try unplugging and replugging the cable. If this doesn’t work either, try a different cable.

If any phone software pops up on the computer when plugging in the phone, then close it down. Also check that there are no other phone data exchange programs operating in the background that can interfere with the Dr. Fone software.


Turn on phone USB Debugging. This is done via several steps on the LG G4.

  • Go into Settings and tap on About phone.
  • Find the Build number and tap on that 7 times in succession. The phone will keep a count by displaying the number of times it has already been tapped.
  • Go back into the Settings menu.
  • Hit the Developer options.
  • Find the option for USB Debugging and tap on it to enable. It will have a tick next to it when done correctly.


The device is now ready to be scanned by Dr. Fone. Ensure the LG G4 has enough battery life to last through the scan. Around 20% is the minimum suggested.

If deep scanning is required or may be useful, select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to turn it on.

Press Start.


The scan will start. Progress will be displayed in a blue bar up the top. It will show the time remaining to scan and how much of the scan has been completed. The scan can be paused or stopped if need be.

Wait for the scan to end.

The categories on the left outline how many items were found in each category. Click on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp history will fill the middle panel. If only deleted history is required, flick the toggle up the top to show only the deleted hits.

Scroll through them to see all recovered history, selecting the checkboxes of the items to be marked to keep.

When all items to recover are selected, press the Recover button.

‘Recover’ will save the WhatsApp history that was selected to the computer for later use.



Dr. Fone can be used multiple times and with multiple different devices. It supports a wide range of phone and tablet manufacturers from Sony to HTC and works with the majority of Android’s operating system releases. Dr. Fone also has an iPhone and iPad equivalent available for a separate purchase.

It’s the world’s leading data recovery tool and an excellent program to have sitting amongst a computer’s applications, ready for the next time an Android fails.

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