Recover WhatsApp Messages Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Recovering WhatsApp Messages on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5


WhatsApp provides a simple way to send messages or file attachments between phones of different manufacturers. This is the precise reason why many Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users have this application on their smartphone. If you use WhatsApp and have accidentally removed a message or attachment, then a recovery tool designed for Android smartphones is essential to getting it back.

Dr.Fone for Android offers the chance to regain this as well as other types of data from your Galaxy Note 5.  It is a recovery tool for salvaging data such as WhatsApp messages on a variety of Android phone models. By using Dr.Fone, you are able to quickly scan the device for retrievable information and restore it.

When something is unintentionally removed from your phone, it remains there physically until new data takes its place. This means that you can easily recover the information with a dependable utility. Dr.Fone for Android only requires a few easy steps to finish the restoration process. Once the application is running, you will be able to:

  • Choose desired file types
  • Scan your phone
  • Preview the scan results
  • Make file selections
  • Finish the recovery

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Dr.Fone provides a search feature to find specific messages or attachments. It also allows you to preview data and make selections before finishing the recovery. To recover WhatsApp messages Samsung Galaxy Note 5, first install Dr.Fone on your computer and then open the application. After plugging the Galaxy Note 5 to the computer, Dr.Fone will need to properly connect to the device for recovery:


Once connected, you will be able to choose a file type and initiate the recovery.

Get Your WhatsApp Message Back in 3 Steps


Like many users, WhatsApp data might be going rampant on your Galaxy Note 5. Whether the information was removed or lost, Dr.Fone is able to quickly solve the problem. Dr.Fone for Android may be downloaded on a Mac or Windows operating system. After installing the application, you will need to open it and connect the phone to your computer.


Step 1: Pick the WhatsApp File Type. The utility is able to recover several forms of data on an Android smartphone including messages, contacts, and images. Every type of data that may be recovered is automatically ticked for scanning. The first step you must perform is removing the checkmarks to any unnecessary file types.



In this tutorial, only WhatsApp Messaging & Attachments should have a checkmark. Click on the Next button in the bottom of the utility window once this has been ticked.




Step 2: Find Message and Attachment Data. Wait for Dr.Fone to perform a couple of preliminary steps before scanning the Galaxy Note 5. Hit Start to begin this process.



Once done, the scan will then automatically start and will take a little time.  You may view its estimated time in the progress bar. In the left panel you will see two options: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments. Click on either of the two to begin viewing any data found by the device scan.



Step 3: Pick Messages and Finish. A checkmark will appear next to each option in the left panel. This is a default selection for recovering all found WhatsApp messages and attachments. Just click on Recover to salvage everything stored by the application.

Categories with a checkmark on the left mean that every item will be recovered and a blue box is a sign of customized selections. If no checkmark is present, then no WhatsApp messages and/or attachments have been chosen.

Unless you need to recover attachments, the first step will be to uncheck WhatsApp Attachments within the left panel. You may then click Recover to salvage all messages from the connected phone.

Next, uncheck the box to the left of WhatsApp to make customized choices for recovery.  If you click on this option in the left panel, the scan results will appear to the right.



After the scan results are viewable in the utility, you can enable an option to Only Display Deleted Items. This option is provided at the top of the utility window, just simply click the on/off slider.



Tick the checkbox next to a message or attachment to mark it for recovery. If an item does not have a checkmark, it will not be restored from your phone.



A search feature is also provided at the top for locating specific WhatsApp messages or attachments in the scan results. When text is entered here, only items matching that text will be displayed for making selections.



Select each message (or attachment) you want to salvage. Next, click on Recover at the bottom right of the utility. The chosen items will then be automatically recovered from the connected Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



As shown by this easy-to-follow tutorial, Dr.Fone for Android is a simple yet reliable recovery aid. To restore WhatsApp messages, just complete the following:

  1. Pick the WhatsApp file type.
  2. Find message and attachment data.
  3. Pick messages and finish.


Dr.Fone for Android is a great option when you are in need to recover WhatsApp messages Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The utility may also be used to recover additional types of data such as contacts or videos. It is really a handy tool to have around when you lose or unintentionally delete data from your Galaxy Note 5.

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