Restore Contacts From LG G3

Have you lost your contacts from your L3 G3? Well then read on, my friend, you’re in the right place.

To recover lost data on your phone or computer in the not too distant past was a huge effort. You’d have to be a computer technician or engineer to work it out. Either that or you’d have to take it to your local computer technician who’d charge you a small fortune to get your data back for you.

Well, thankfully, those days are gone.

Now you are able to restore your data quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home, and it certainly won’t cost you a fortune to do so.

If you need to restore your contacts, then trust the number one selling data recovery program for Android on the market. It’s called Dr. Phone for Android and it’s downloaded from the Wondershare website at the click of a button. They also have software available to convert videos, edit videos, manage mobile devices, download online videos, recover iPhone data, edit a PDF, rebuild iTunes library, and erase data. They’re a one stop shop for some common problem you need a quick solution to.


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All their software products are easy and elegant and Dr. Fone for Android is no exception.

It’s a piece of software that you download to your computer (Mac or PC, they have it available for both) and connect up to your LG G3 to help find your missing contacts. Dr. Fone can also find text messages, audio files, video files, photos, documents and WhatsApp history.

Once you’ve downloaded Dr. Fone for Android you can use it any time. And with any Android phone or tablet! The compatible brands include Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and Google along with a lot of others. Even if a device is not in their list of compatible devices, you can first root it and then go through the recovery process.


If you want to see how to work the software to restore contacts from LG G3, keep reading below to view all the steps involved in the process.


Step 1. After downloading and installing Dr. Fone for Android, open up the program. You should see a window that looks like the picture above. Now take your LG G3 and plug your data cable into the phone and the computer. There should be a regular USB end that attaches to your computer. If any of your phone’s other software starts running on the computer, then shut it down to avoid interference with Dr. Fone for Android’s scan.


Step 2. You will probably need to turn on USB Debugging on your phone. Select the Settings button on your phone and scroll down until you see ‘About phone’. Tap on it. In About phone, find the field for build number and tap on it 7 times quickly. This will turn on a secret ‘Developer Options’ menu. Go back into the Settings. Scroll down to find Developer Options and tap on it. Find the field for USB Debugging and click on it to make it enabled.


Step 3. When all that’s done, go back to your computer and click on the little button on the bottom of the page titled Opened? Next…


Step 4. This screen should come up. Check on your phone to make sure you have at least 20% of your battery powered otherwise the scan might cut out part of the way through. There’s a little checkbox option on this page for Enable Deep Scan. If you think you lost the contacts a while ago, click to enable this option. If you literally just accidentally erased it then you probably won’t need to.

Step 5. Click on Start to initiate Dr. Fone for Android’s scan.


Step 6. If your phone is rooted then you’re going to see this screen. Have a look back at your phone. There should be a pop up that Dr. Fone is requesting SuperUser access. Set it to “Allow” this and if the option is there to “Remember” it.

Step 7. When you’ve done that, press the Retry button at the bottom of the window.


Step 8. The scanning will start! Let it run the whole way through. You can tell when it’s finished when the blue bar is complete.

Step 9. Click on the Contacts at the top left to display all your contacts.


Step 10. Look through and choose which contacts you want to keep.

Step 11. When you’re finished, click on the Recover button at the bottom to save off all the contacts you’ve chosen to your computer. You can then use this file to save them back to your phone again.


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