Restore Contacts From LG G4

How to Restore Contacts from LG G4 Fast and Easy


Your Contacts list is your connection to the outside world. Easily texting or dialing Mom, Dave or Miranda, without so much as having to remember a single digit – it’s brilliant. Although we sometimes wish that we had written down numbers, it’s great to free up that space in the old brain so we can use it for more important stuff – like what happened in last season’s Walking Dead perhaps. So how do you exactly restore contacts from LG G4?


When Contacts get deleted or just somehow disappear, it can be a nightmare trying to track them down again. Telephone directories are used only for businesses. Most people don’t have their mobile numbers listed on Facebook, you are going to have to chat with your brother for an hour just to get Mom’s phone number and if you just got some digits from someone at a bar you wanted to catch up with, then you’re probably not going to be able to get in contact with them! So sorry and goodbye potential life partner.

But, as luck would have it, there is an answer to this incredibly annoying stuff around. Previously available only on iPhone, Dr. Fone for Android is a data recovery tool that can help to recover those missing contacts on your LG G4 for you. It’s very easy to use, sits on your computer, and can restore other missing data from your phone too like photos, videos and text messages.



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The software works in combination with your phone to recover deleted or lost data that hasn’t already been overwritten in your phone’s memory. See, computer memory is a funny thing: just because you delete something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone for good. The software operates by going in and finding that data and presenting it back to you back in a recognizable format.

Dr. Fone is the world’s best selling data recovery software because it’s safe and secure.

If you need to restore contacts from LG G4, this is the way to do it once you’ve downloaded and installed Wondershare’s Dr. Fone for Android on your PC or Mac.


1.     Start by opening the program from Wondershare – Dr. Fone for Android. You’ll see how nice and clean the interface is and how there’s a neat three step process to follow marked along the top for your data restoration.

2.     Plug your LG G4 into your computer by the data cable. It’s the cable that snaps into your phone port with a USB at the other end.

3.     Usually, some phone software will start to run whenever you plug it in. Shut all these programs down.


4.     Once it’s connected, it will have a little tick up the top next to Connect Device to PC. From here, you’ll need to turn on USB Debugging on your phone. This is not a standard feature so you’ll probably need to follow the USB Debugging steps.

  • 4A. Go into your phone Settings menu and scroll down until you see About Phone.
  • 4B. Tap on About Phone a total of 7 times in quick succession. This enables a Developer Options menu in your Settings main menu.
  • 4C. Return to the main Settings menu and find the Developer options menu.
  • 4D. Tap to enter Developer options.
  • 4E. Scroll down to find USB Debugging.
  • 4F. Tap on USB Debugging to enable the feature.


5.     When you’re finished enabling USB Debugging, click on the button down at the bottom right of the page of Dr. Fone that says “Opened? Next…”


6.     Your device is now ready to scan and you’ll move on to the third step. Make sure your phone battery is at least 20% charged. If you’d like to run a Deep Scan, click on the checkbox.

7.     Press the Start button.


8.     The scan will start running and all your data will start coming up. Wait until the scan runs its course before you start playing around with the data you find. It may take a while, especially if you chose the Deep Scan option. You can pause or stop the scan at any time.


9.     Find the Contacts field (on the leftmost list of data types) and select it. You’ll find a list of all your current phone contacts as well as any deleted ones.

10.   Go through all of the contacts and select which ones you’d like to keep by using the checkbox to the left of them. If you only want to see deleted contacts, there is a toggle button up the top to view them.

11.    After finding and selecting all the contacts you want to restore, press the Recover button to save them to your computer.

12.    Once your contacts have been saved to your computer, you can then start restoring them on your phone.

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