Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Data Recovery

Need a Dependable Method for Recovering Deleted Files on a Galaxy Note 5?

Android device like the Galaxy Note 5. These smartphones are a common item for both personal and work-related use. Because of this factor, they often hold critical large quantities of data such as photos, contacts, notes, and more. Data can be compromised on these devices in a number of ways including:

  • dropping the device
  • a factory reset
  • operating system issues
  • an accidental tap

Whatever the cause, Android devices do sometimes experience unexplained data loss without warning. As a matter of fact, they all do and the key is using a recovery tool designed to quickly resolve these issues. The common reaction in these situations is to panic thinking the information is simply irretrievable. However, with the surge of smartphone use, a number of recovery options have become available.

Dr.Fone for Android is one of the highest rated choices for recovering an accidentally deleted item from your Samsung Galaxy. It may be used on non-rooted devices as one-click root is applied prior to scanning and recovery. The utility is compatible with several Android phones and tablets including the latest Galaxy Note 5. If one or more types of files need to be regained from an Android smartphone, a tutorial is provided below so you can easily get the job done with Dr.Fone.

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A Quick Tutorial for Recovering Data


Step 1: Install Dr.Fone and Open the Application. Before you can begin Samsung Galaxy Note 5 data recovery, you will need to install first the appropriate version of Dr.Fone, connect the phone, and open the utility. Dr.Fone will then connect to the device for initiating the recovery.


Please note that Dr.Fone may be installed on more than one operating system. Make certain the right install file has been downloaded to your computer.


Step 2: Pick Recovery File Types. Uncheck any file types that you do not want Dr.Fone to locate for recovery. For example, you might want to restore only images and videos. To do so, uncheck everything but these two file type options.

You may check any number of file types and Dr.Fone will scan for those items on the connected device. Click Next after this step has been completed.



Step 3: Configure a Mode for Recovery. The utility provides more than one recovery mode option. The Standard Recovery mode is typically all you need to retrieve files and provides the option to locate only deleted files or everything on the phone.

Since deleted files are required, all you must do is click the radial to the left of Scan for Deleted Files and then click Next to continue.



Step 4: Scan for Retrievable Files. Wait for Dr.Fone to apply one-click root and to perform a quick device analysis.



After the analysis has finished, Dr.Fone will now scan for recoverable data based on the chosen file types. Each file type will appear on the left panel as scanning occurs.

The number of located files will be displayed in parenthesis beside each category. During the scan, you will be able to view its progress at the top of the screen.



As the scan takes place, you may click on a displayed category to begin reviewing the scan results. However, these items cannot be recovered yet until scanning has stopped.




Step 5: Select Data and Recover Your Information. If you want to recover everything from the connected smartphone, then simply click on the Recover button.

To review the results and select specific items, uncheck the box next to each category in the left panel and then click on the category name to view those items on the right.



When previewing the results for a category, you may check or uncheck items to customize recovery choices.



Depending on the current file type you are viewing, an option might be available for changing the view. For example, images offer the choice to view scan results as a thumbnail or list.

The “view icons” are located at the top right of the screen and can be used to switch views as needed.



You will need to click on Recover in order to finish restoring selected data from the phone. Dr.Fone will then prompt you for a save location and will finish the recovery by saving the selected items in that specified location.




If you do not have Dr.Fone for Android as a quick recovery option, then it is definitely time to give it a try. The utility may be used to restore various types of information from a Samsung Galaxy with ease. It also may be used to scan other Android smartphone models. For a fast and easy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 data recovery, complete these steps as shown in the tutorial:

  1. Install Dr.Fone and open it.
  2. Pick recovery file types.
  3. Configure a mode for recovery.
  4. Scan for retrievable files.
  5. Select data and recover your information.


With Dr.Fone, the steps to salvaging data are easy and will only take a couple of minutes. Download the utility today to follow this tutorial and see what type of information is retrievable from your device.

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